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TRON – A Decentralized Blockchain Communication Network


TRON is a robust blockchain platform built and maintained by blockchain experts all over the globe that adheres to the “Decentralize the Web” concept. TRON ecosystem is a variety of goods such as blockchain systems, wallet clients, decentralized apps (DAPPs), etc. These substances are inextricably linked, and when combined, they contribute to the overall stability of the ecosystem.

TRON public chain is a decentralized blockchain communication network just on TRON protocol that serves as the heart of the TRON ecosystem and was released on June 25th, 2018.  Because of its well-designed structure & code, the TRON public chain offers higher operating performance and accuracy than other public chains.

In a recent Tweet of TRON in the weekly report, TRON Blockchain height exceeded 34.15 million. The total number of accounts on TRON reached 55,531, 038. The Total Number of Transactions on TRON reached $10.5 billion. And Moonstake  Wallet now Supports Staking of TRON  $TRX.

On the other hand, Justin Sun recently Tweeted that ‘VanEck $TRX  ETN (#VRTX) is Officially listed on the world top Stock Exchange @DeutscheBoerse, representing $TRX as the 3rd mainstream Crypto #ETN  issued by @ vaneck_us, a world-renowned fund management Company.’


  • Odyssey is a critical step in the TRON public chain’s colossal advancement. There are several essential variants, including:
  • Odyssey-v1.0 TRON public chain (test net edition)
  • Odyssey-v2.0 TRON public chain (main net edition)
  • TRON Virtual Machine (TVM), which allows Ethereum Platform contracts to be completely interoperable with Odyssey-v3.0.
  • Odyssey-v3.2 has an in-memory database for retrieving TRON public data.
  • Odyssey-v3.5 supports multi-signature and account authorization management.


The TRON public chain implements a very abstract modularization concept. It divides the system into essential components: the underlying network, data storage, agreement, transaction actuator, TVM, and application-level interface.

Tron’s Ecosystem Development

The proper development of TRON’s environment is inextricably linked to ecological products. The following products were currently in development and testing:

  • Lightweight client: Systems having lesser specifications will also have easier access to a complete node.
  • Lightweight full node: It overcomes the issue of complete data type large data occupancy. • Enable shielded transactions on the TRON public chain. It adds extra information security features.
  • TronDex: It enhances the existing DEX, which enables TRC10 automated transaction matching and TRC20 decentralized transactions.
  • Sun Network-based sidechain: It is a Sun Network-based DAPPchain that invites more DAPP programmers to install their blockchain.
  • The combination of PBFT & DPOS: It is preparing for the upcoming cross-chain functionality.

TRON in the Future

Furthermore, many innovative products and concepts, including wallet clients, blockchain analyzers, side chains based just on Sun network, other types of DAPPs, and our excellent community developers, are the most significant components that comprise the TRON ecosystem today.

We will continue to adhere to the value concept of “decentralized the web” in the future and work in the following categories:

  • Cross-chain based on the public TRON chain
  • Complete protection for protected payments
  • A more secure and quicker TVM
  • Integrate with the other systems, such as BTFS to expand DAPP application areas.

Tron— One Among Top 10 Voting Projects of LBank

LBank plans to launch a poll from October 11 to October 18 in their official Telegram community (https://t.me/LBank_en).

LBank’s Voting calculation rules:

  • Community votes account for 30%
  • Deposit votes account for 30%
  • Transaction votes account for 40%

 Prizes for all

  1. Winners selected from most voted project who deposit or trade: 

TOP 3 users:

Top 1. iPhone 13 Pro MAX + iWATCH +iPad mini256G $1199+ $399+$499)

Top 2. iPhone 13 Pro (256G $1099 )

Top 3. iPad mini ($499)

The rest of the users win $1 – $14+ (More users deposit or trade, more prize pool!!!) 


  1. Other 9 projects participants can win the Staking bonus. 


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[email protected]


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