Decentralized app explorer has released its latest report detailing the activity and appeal of cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Tron, EOS and Steem.

What’s Happening in the World of Dapps?

According to the report, EOS and Tron are among the most “active” networks, though Ethereum is still the most popular when it comes to building new currencies and applications. For ERC-20 tokens and gaming activities, Ethereum remains at the top of the charts.

The report reads:

Ethereum is still the [number one] choice for developers to build their dapps on… The Ethereum-based games have already created a stable community with a group of loyal audiences… On the other hand, although beating other chains in terms of dapp amount, nearly 600 Ethereum dapps were in ‘inactive’ status without a single transaction record over the past three months.

The report also claims that the EOS network is the most popular amongst gamblers, and that betting makes up most of the activity on its blockchain. At the same time, the EOS network appears to be “evolving” somewhat. Last year, approximately 99 percent of EOS was composed of gambling dapps, though as of late, finance is also entering the space.

EOS is the subject of several advantages this week. The currency is undergoing a solid bull run and following in bitcoin’s path. At press time, the digital asset is trading for approximately $5.87 and is up by nearly six percent following its addition to Coinbase Pro. The leading cryptocurrency exchange stated that it will now support trading for currencies such as EOS, Augur and Maker. At press time, EOS appears to be enjoying a $3.35 billion daily volume.

EOS is also in league with EOSIO Labs and This gives EOS users access to the newly-designed Universal Authenticator Library (UAL), which gives cryptocurrency holders access to “all blockchain-based apps.” Thus, EOS customers will now have access to the network’s entire library of applications.

The report then discusses Tron, which it claims is the “fastest growing” blockchain network for 2019. Its total transactions have supposedly surpassed $91 million – more than both Ethereum and EOS – and its number of main net wallets and users are increasing every day.

Ethereum, EOS and Tron: Different Cryptocurrencies with Some Similar Prospects

The report explains:

Tron dapps had more than 300,000 active users, followed by EOS dapps with around 260,000 active users. By the end of quarter one in 2019, the number of the wallets created on Tron main net has exceeded $2.3 million. Among them, 15.46 percent dapp users – raised nearly 1.5-fold since the beginning of 2019.

The report concludes by claiming that all three networks remain popular for gambling applications, which cover roughly 350,000 separate accounts. 90,000 additional users are said to have come to these networks over the past year alone.

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