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TrueFlip and DAO.Casino Join Hands to Create a New Quick Lottery Game on TrueFlip’s Platform


True Flip has entered into a strategic partnership with DAO.Casino to improve user experience.

A number of agreements have been reached between TrueFlip, the international anonymous blockchain lottery known for its instant payouts, open source code, and transparent prize fund, and DAO.Casino, the creator of an Ethereum-based protocol for the online gambling industry and decentralized gambling platform. The agreements on the part of both parties acted as the prerequisite for the decision to become strategic partners. The two projects are currently in ICO stage.

For their first joint project, True Flip will undertake development of a decentralized lottery game on their platform utilizing DAO.Casino’s gambling protocol. True Flip expects this update to provide additional momentum to platform’s development following the crowdsale.

“As we’re aimed to provide the ultimate user experience for those playing at True Flip, the general idea of extending our product line was stated to be among the first major improvements following the crowdsale. It has become clear that True Flip and the team behind DAO.Casino have a mutual interest, so we move on with our Roadmap goals using this chance to rapidly implement the partner’s excellently crafted solution. Thanks to the success of True Flip’s ongoing crowdsale, now we’re ready to boost the planned improvements process”, – said Nikita Parhomenko, True Flip COO.

As per DAO.Casino team, this partnership demonstrates to the entire gambling community all the advantages of using their protocol. According to them, it is a substantive confirmation of how easy it is to implement the DAO.Casino back-end and another argument in favor of the bright future ahead of their technology.

Ilya Tarutov, DAO.Casino CEO, stated that the DAO.Casino’s protocol was created to provide the necessary level of decentralization for the businesses seeking it. True Flip is one good example of the benefits given by such partnerships.

Tarutov further added that as DAO.Casino provides True Flip team with a sustainable back-end solution to maintain one of its gaming options, it’s going to become a good showcase of the opportunities that DAO.Casino provides to its partners. DAO.Casino looks forward to making this partnership a truly win-win for both teams.

Additional details concerning the new game are to be published in the following weeks.

Finally, True Flip’s ongoing crowdsale is running successfully and has raised 4,880,392 USD in funds with 5,698,961 TFL sold, at the time of writing. The funds raised are to be used for further technical improvement, marketing and forming of lottery’s jackpot.

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