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Tulsi Gabbard Admits She’s Invested in Crypto


Tulsi Gabbard is still in the presidential race and still looking to earn the position of commander-in-chief this coming November.

Gabbard Has Crypto Experience

Gabbard is at the bottom of the totem pole this election season. The democrats have lost sight of several “playmates” including Elizabeth Warren, who made the decision to suspend her campaign following very weak turnouts during Super Tuesday last week. Warren came in third to both Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders in several states, and even took the third-place spot in her own represented state of Massachusetts. The number one position went to Biden.

At this stage, we wonder why Gabbard doesn’t just drop out. She’s failed to have any sort of influence on mainstream voters and has garnered even less attention than half the candidates to recently declare their campaigns defunct. Therefore, why would Gabbard think staying in the race could hold any bearing?

It’s hard to know what’s going through her head, though she could be the final card for crypto enthusiasts. Gabbard has freely admitted to investing in both bitcoin and Ethereum about three years ago. She states that her crypto investments are presently at “zero” – it’s unclear if she made no money on them or if perhaps she sold her stash and now holds no position in the crypto trading world – though she’s ultimately the only candidate to have any position in the digital currency industry.

The fact that she’s held crypto in the past means she’s bothered to learn about it. She’s studied it, she’s experienced it, and she likely has more know-how when it comes to regulating it and implementing the right legislation to ensure its survival.

This race has been wrought with “crypto candidates,” though several failed to have any influence on democratic voters. The first was Andrew Yang, an entrepreneur who stated that as president, one of the first things he would do would be to revamp all current cryptocurrency taxation laws to ensure everyone knew what they were getting into. Just last month, however, Yang called it quits and left crypto enthusiasts in the dark.

The second candidate was Michael Bloomberg. The media mogul stated virtually the same ambitions and goals as Yang and said that he would work to clarify all current digital asset laws to make sure traders knew what constituted taxable sales and trades.

Many Haven’t Made the Cut

Bloomberg’s campaign, however, came to an end before it could even officially start. After being torn apart by Elizabeth Warren in virtually his only democratic debate appearance, Bloomberg came in a distant third or fourth place in many states during Super Tuesday and announced his resignation from the presidential race about 24 hours later.

At this stage, is Gabbard – a relatively unknown rep from Hawaii – the only hope for crypto enthusiasts?

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