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“Tuttle Twins” Cartoon Features Entire Episode on Bitcoin


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The “Tuttle Twins” – a conservative children’s cartoon series – recently featured an entire episode that discusses bitcoin and the notions of digital currency.

“Tuttle Twins” Brings BTC to Children

Normally, the “Tuttle Twins” is all about trying to teach children to think for themselves and develop critical skills that will help them in the modern world. Thus, it makes perfect sense that bitcoin would be a major topic of the show. As we edge deeper into a digital age, there may be a time when the children watching the show, as adults, will be required to utilize bitcoin and other crypto assets for everyday purchases and transactions.

The bitcoin discussion came about during an episode called “Tuttle Twins: Bitcoin and the Beast.” It is currently making the rounds on several social platforms and garnering a lot of buzz. The show’s creator Daniel Harmon explained in an interview:

People are really resonating with the message. We had one fan comment about how they were trying to explain bitcoin to someone for seven years. We did in 20 minutes what they couldn’t do in seven years. So, that’s really rewarding to see. People are understanding it, especially how money that’s hard to create is so beneficial to society.

The episode – which describes bitcoin as “hard money” – recites the following about digital currency:

Digital money that can be sent directly from one person to another without any bank or government involved, and the best part: it’s hard money. Bitcoin is very hard to make more of. Each new coin gets added to the supply only after a computer works very hard to solve a math problem where there’s no shortcut, and solving it costs a lot of energy and time.

Harmon continued with:

I don’t think they are hearing these kinds of messages in other forms of media, for the most part. They’re not getting it in schools, not getting it in culture, and for us to talk very clearly about things like rights to life, liberty, and property, about things like bitcoin, inflation, entrepreneurship in a way that kids can understand is very refreshing to parents. It’s something that they’ve been craving for a long time. They’re very much noticing that it doesn’t exist elsewhere. That’s why the show is having its success.

Money that Can’t Be Controlled

Bitcoin is becoming a rough topic in that many countries – particularly the United States – are working hard to implement socialist, woke agendas into their societies along with poor economic tactics that have brought about the deaths of various banks and caused inflation to rise through the roof.

Bitcoin is money that cannot be controlled by the government, which explains – according to Ron DeSantis – why Biden and his entourage of nation haters are trying so hard to ruin it.

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