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TV Fans Get a Crypto Lesson Via “The Simpsons”


Popular FOX show “The Simpsons” – which at this stage, has enjoyed a 30+ year run on television – recently hosted an episode that sought to teach viewers about cryptocurrency. Could this be a surefire sign that digital assets are becoming more mainstream?

“The Simpsons” Talks About the Blockchain

The episode starred Jim Parsons, who played Sheldon Cooper on “The Big Bang Theory.” Parson’s character is an animated digital ledger that has a song-and-dance number in which he tries to delve into what crypto is and how blockchain technology works. During the scene, he says:

I’m a consensus of shared and synchronized digital data spread across multiple platforms from Shanghai to Grenada.

The scene then ends with a long explainer message on the screen. The message reads:

Using the word ‘cryptocurrency’ repeatedly while defining cryptocurrency makes it seem like we have a novice’s understanding of cryptocurrency. Well, that is a total pile of cryptocurrency. In this system, rules are defined for the creation of additional units of cryptocurrency. They can be generated by fiat like traditional currency or just thrown around randomly or all given to LeBron.

The explanation itself is somewhat crude and simplistic – much like the nature of “The Simpsons” – but we cannot deny that the mention is a huge step forward for the industry. The fact that such a long-running television show would take the time to acknowledge the existence of both crypto and blockchain and delve into them via its latest episode is proof that more and more people are asking about them, which means the arena is probably crawling closer to mainstream territory.

The scene even took at stab at bitcoin mining and Satoshi Nakamoto, explaining:

But for some reason, these crypto guys are really into computers, so we have big buildings full of energy-gobbling, air-conditioned computers solving useless math problems, but now we can’t have straws?! Also, we know who Satoshi is, but we’re not telling.

Other television programs to reference or bring up cryptocurrency in the past include the Kiefer Sutherland vehicle “Designated Survivor,” “The Good Wife” starring Julianna Margulies, and popular game show “Jeopardy!” hosted by Alex Trebek.

Another Prediction in the Books

Many fans of “The Simpsons” are also commenting that the show may have predicted the rise of crypto and blockchain about 12 years before the whitepaper introducing us to bitcoin first emerged. In a 1997 episode known as “My Sister, My Sitter,” we can see a building labeled the “Crypto Barn” with the slogan “A Place for Codes” written beneath it.

If this was indeed a solid prediction, it wouldn’t be the first one from “The Simpsons” to come true. The show initially predicted that Donald Trump would become President of the United States in an episode known as “Bart to the Future” in the year 2000.


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