Twitter says it is ramping up security following the major hack that occurred several months ago.

Twitter Says Its Fixing Up Its Security

While not much money was stolen, it was scary to see the accounts of such high-profile people get overtaken by a small string of hackers. Some of the people involved in the scam were Jeff Bezos of Amazon fame, Elon Musk (CEO of both SpaceX and Tesla), former president Barack Obama and Microsoft mogul Bill Gates.

To be fair, these figures themselves were not directly involved in the thievery that occurred. Rather, strange messages were posted to their accounts. Fake messages that suggested people (their followers) should send money to anonymous bitcoin addresses that were controlled by the people pulling the strings. Overall, just over $120,000 in bitcoin was stolen from unsuspecting victims, which on paper, isn’t a huge figure, but boy… It’s frightening to see so many top names in society become unwittingly involved in something so petty.

In response to the attack, Twitter commented that it would be hiking up its security measures and taking more steps to keep users safe. For example, various security tools have been added to the site. The company is also training its employees further regarding the vulnerability of accounts – especially after it was suggested that perhaps employees were responsible for giving the hackers what they needed to access the accounts in the first place. The hack may have been an inside job, and Twitter is clearly concerned about its lagging reputation.

In a statement, Parag Agrawal – chief technology officer – and Damien Kieran – data protection officer – both explained:

This is work we have already begun but have accelerated in recent weeks. This will help reduce the risk of an unauthorized third-party gaining access to our internal systems using compromised employee credentials… For example, we have introduced two new mandatory training sessions for people who have access to nonpublic information.

This Is Coming Way Too Late

Back in July, when the hack initially occurred, CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey commented that the company had “fallen behind” when it came to ensuring its customers were safe and protected and when it came to instilling restrictions on internal tools, and for the most part, this appears to be a running theme when it comes to Dorsey. He’s always there to say that the company fell behind or that Twitter is working on ensuring stronger privacy and security measures, but Twitter is usually one of those firms that seems to arrive late to the game.

For instance, remember in 2018 when Dorsey was grilled by members of Congress regarding Twitter’s pinpointing and striking down of conservative tweets and messages? Dorsey said the company was working on improving the algorithms that did such a thing, this targeting of conservative users is still going on, suggesting that in two years, Dorsey hasn’t done much.

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