The offer stands at $3 million in bitcoin, else the customer details and account information will be made public! Guess that’s how the hacker demanded for ransom from an UAE based bank. According to reports coming from the country, a Sharjah bank (located in one of the emirates in UAE) was hacked and customer data stolen. The hacker who calls himself ‘Hacker Buba’ is allegedly demanding $3 million worth in bitcoin as ransom. He has threatened to release all the stolen customer account details and personal information online if his demands are not met.

The hacking incident is reported to have occurred on the 18th of this month and the hacker has made good to his promise so far by posting account statements of government bodies, companies and even individuals since last week. In addition, Hacker Buba is also said to have sent ransom demand to the bank customers asking them to either pay him directly or ask their bank to pay the ransom. Failure to do so will lead to him publishing their information online.

The bank hasn’t been forthcoming about the incident for close to a week until one of the leading dailies in the region enquired pressed for more information. The bank has however refused to heed to the hacker’s demands and it is said to be working closely with the law enforcement and cyber security authorities in the country to solve the problem.

Meanwhile, the personal information and transaction details of hundreds of individuals continues to be made public. Customers of this UAE bank are not really happy with the way things have turned around so far. Some of them have also voiced their anger and concern regarding bank’s failure to intimate its customers about the breach.

It is yet to be seen whether this incident is going to force the UAE government to introduce new regulations for digital currencies or not.

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