Cryptocurrency regulation can come in many different forms and shapes. The mining aspect of this booming industry can be subjected to specific rules accordingly. For now, Ukraine is not interested in regulating cryptocurrency mining just yet.

Crypto Mining in Ukraine

Similar to a lot of other countries, cryptocurrency is very popular among enthusiasts in Ukraine. This is especially true where the local freelance community is concerned. Additionally, the mining of Bitcoin and altcoins has taken off in Ukraine over the past few years. It is an interesting business model, yet one which has some regulators concerned. Given Bitcoin’s “wasting” of electricity, that is not entirely surprising.

As such, there were some concerns as to whether or not officials would regulate this industry. The way things stand right now, there is no need for a specific license or other documentation to mine cryptocurrencies. This situation will remain in place for the foreseeable future.

To some, that comes as a big surprise. Ukrainian miners seemingly generate over $100 million worth of cryptocurrency every year. There is no official taxation of these profits either, although that may change with future legislation. However, for the time being, Ukraine will maintain its open-minded approach in this regard. It is some positive news the industry direly needs right now.

Kiev, Ukraine

Miners Face More Scrutiny Globally

This rather unexpected approach in Ukraine comes at an interesting time. More specifically, there has been growing scrutiny regarding crypto mining all over the world. The electricity costs associated with this process are quite steep. Even so, countries with renewable energy continue to attract miners in this regard. Iceland is a good example, and Canada has seen a similar interest.

Even in Ukraine, miners face a fair bit of scrutiny. Most of the people engaging in this business don’t want their identity out in the open. Given the twitchy nature of authorities around the world, that is not entirely surprising. Although the current situation is rather positive, things can still change at any given moment.

For the time being, it will be interesting to see how things unfold. Crypto mining will not go away anytime soon. Some regions are actively cracking down on this activity, but mining will never be eroded completely. This current regulatory situation (or lack thereof) in Ukraine may set a precedent for other European countries. More specifically, it shows this industry doesn’t need regulation at this point.

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