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Uncover How to Spot the Altcoin Ready to Surge 100X in the Crypto World


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Data from CoinMarketCap shows that there are over 9600 cryptocurrencies in existence as of today. Picking an investment-worthy altcoin in this vast crypto market can be a daunting task for crypto investors and traders. Prospective investors need to keep several factors in mind, including backing, tokenomics, roadmap and mission statement.

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For investors who are looking for a lucrative altcoin that can surge up to 100x, NFT Finance (NFTFN) has emerged as a strong contender in the crypto market. Offering immense growth potential, industry leading partnerships and well-planned tokenomics, NFTFN has taken the crypto market by storm. 

Decoding NFTFN’s Popularity

NFTFN is a pioneer in the web3 fintech space that aims to address problems that currently plague the NFT market, including lack of liquidity and risk management tools, expensive entry barriers, etc. With its flagship product, SuperNova (SNV), NFTFN offers users a revolutionary trading platform to interact with blue chip NFT collections like Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), Azuki, Doodles, and CloneX. 

SNV brings sophisticated financial instruments, including an NFT floor price index, opening up the premium NFT segment to a wider range of investors. This platform allows users to take long or short positions on asset classes ranging from NFT perps, Ordinals, Crypto, and Real-World Assets with as little as $10.

Tokenomics & Partnerships

The visionary team behind NFTFN has prioritized long term stability with its well-planned tokenomics. Only 20.3% of the supply has been allocated for public sale, effectively managing the token’s circulating supply and restricting short-term volatility. Additionally, 5% of the tokens have been set aside for liquidity provisioning.

NFTFN has also inked strategic partnership deals with industry leaders like OpenSea, NFTBank and BitsCrunch (Pricing Partners), Binance Smart Chain and Polygon (Blockchain Partners), Google Cloud Platform (Cloud Partner), and WOW Earn (Wallet Partner).

NFTFN Set To Surge 100x?

After raising $250k in its initial presale round, NFTFN is currently in the second stage of its highly anticipated presale. Everyone from crypto whales to retail traders is lining up to buy the token for just $0.030. Interestingly, investors who participated in the first stage have already made a 20% return on their investment. 

Investors who participate in the ongoing presale would essentially align themselves with a rapidly growing NFT market that is projected to reach a whopping $230 billion by the end of the decade. Based on these compelling growth prospects, crypto analysts speculate that NFTFN has the potential to rally up to 100x. 

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