The PROOF OF TOSS project is designed as a decentralized ecosystem for the betting world. This project aims to modernize the betting industry, which has remained unchanged for decades. On this platform, anyone can create wagers, bet, and even judge with the aim of winning the TOSS tokens. The TOSS project was created with the existing bookmakers and other interested players in mind. By offering a solution that serves as a gateway to blockchain, the project aims to enhance betting by increasing market coverage and profit margins.

The PROOF OF TOSS platform is powered by blockchain. This technology allows for flexibility, reliability, decentralization, and trust. To ensure that the platform remains scalable while retaining the fundamental principles of blockchain, the developers have utilized RSK open source smart contracts.

Token Sale Details

The TOSS token sale is scheduled to take place on 12 April 2018. The hard cap for the sale is set at 71,500 ETH and the platform aims to raise about 46,500 ETH in the main sale alone.

Benefits for Users

One of the main benefits is the transparency of all transactions, achieved through the use of blockchain technology. The platform enables users to monitor all payments, payouts, and everything else on their own.

This platform also establishes a high degree of control over the movement of funds between the wallet and smart contract. It will eliminate the risk of manipulation of outcomes in an unethical manner. In addition, deposits and withdrawals in PROOF OF TOSS happen instantly without any delays.

The Referral Program

The PROOF OF TOSS referral program recently went live. Every participant in this program will get an opportunity to earn more bonuses during the token sale. The developers have allocated 5% of all tokens to the affiliates.

To join the program is quite easy. One will only need to register here to receive the referral link. Whenever someone purchases TOSS tokens using the referral link, the referrer stands to receive a certain bonus. The referral program is split into two parts, where those joining via the direct referral link receive 8% of the tokens while those following the referral link of the people they invite will receive a 2% bonus.

The Whitelist

The PROOF OF TOSS whitelist is now open. The first 10,000 participants joining the whitelist will be awarded 1000 TOSS tokens for free upon making a purchase during the crowdsale.

More information about the PROOF OF TOSS token sale is available at –

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