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Unexpected Ways to Use Your Bitcoins


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It’s no secret that bitcoins are becoming more prevalent in everyday society, with the cryptocurrency rising in popularity over the last five years. Once thought of as an unobtainable fad which many couldn’t get their head around, bitcoin is now becoming a payment method for everyday items. But how can you use your bitcoins? Below are three unexpected ways to utilize your bitcoin wallet today.


The gaming industry is huge, both offline and online, with a vast variety of games available for all players, from games based in fantasy lands to managing your own football team from the comfort of your front room. While gaming consoles are still incredibly popular, online gaming is constantly growing in numbers, with millions of websites being available for millions of different kinds of games, available wherever you are in the world.

One offset from online gaming is online casinos, and the popularity of these don’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon in regards to the millions of people who play daily! For those who like a flutter at the online tables, you can now use bitcoins to stake your bets. Sites such as bitcoinvideocasino.com allow you to pay using cryptocurrency on games such as video poker, Blackjack, and slots.

Food Outlets

Online food ordering is extremely common, with supermarkets and takeaway delivery services available in a variety of locations, cuisines, and times. Fancy a pizza at 2 am? You can easily order online! It stands to reason then that these online sites should start accepting bitcoin as a method of payment. However, physical restaurants are also starting to encourage bitcoin payment, especially as signing up for bitcoin merchant account is accessible for all.

While it’s still relatively in its early days, world-famous fast food outlets such as KFC and Subway are rolling out the methods within their stores. For consumers, you pay using an application on your smartphone, which features a QR code that the retailer scans to accept payment. Online, you can order and pay for takeaway food on sites such as PizzaForCoins, which Domino’s, Papa John’s and Pizza Hut are part of.


Travel is something which is incredibly popular, but it can also be incredibly expensive depending on your travel style (5-star, for example), the location, and how you choose to get there. Major retailers such as Expedia are now beginning to accept bitcoins to secure hotel bookings, which means for those savvy bitcoin investors, you can book and pay for your next getaway easily.

The new payment method was introduced as early as 2014, meaning this retailer was ahead of the trend, embracing cryptocurrency while it was still rather new and risky. However, Expedia only allows travelers to book hotels using bitcoin, rather than flights, and other activities. For those looking to buy flights with their bitcoins, look no further than CheapAir, which started accepting bitcoins in 2013, and it is currently the only retailer to accept this payment method for flights.

Bitcoins are becoming more popular, and as the list of retailers where you can spend your hard-mined bitcoins grows, it’s only set to continue to rise. Whether you want to book flights to an exotic destination, order pizza to your home, or play an exciting game of Poker, cryptocurrency is the futuristic way to do so.

Can you think of other ways to use Bitcoin for everyday needs? Let us know in the comments below.

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