Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are becoming more popular than ever, and now a company known as Unifi Money is set to offer what it is calling the Unifi Premier, a new credit card that will reward its users in gold, stocks and digital assets.

Unifi Premier Is a New Kind of Crypto Card

While not all the details regarding the rewards program are known at this time, Ben Soppitt – the CEO and founder of the company and the respective card – says that users are likely to be pleased with what the product offers, and he is excited to be bringing such an item to the general public.

In a recent interview, he mentions that all rewards garnered through Unifi Premier will be placed in a separate account that allows users to pick from the three asset classes listed above. They will have a new choice each month, and he is planning to add additional asset types in the future. He says:

Less than 30 percent of millennials are invested in the stock market. A tiny fraction of them is investing in crypto, and even fewer are investing in precious metals. If you want to try to buy gold, it is very sketchy. Do a search for buying gold online, and you end up pretty quickly at a pawn shop in Las Vegas.

He says it is his goal to make investing in these assets as easy as possible, and he wants to help those that have potentially been locked out of the investing world find easy access. He states:

On our platform, you are investing in physical gold, so you can have it delivered to your house with an armored truck and a shotgun. It costs money, but you can do that.

While Soppitt has a strong background in finance through his career choices, he says he was a psychology major in school, and his experience working with Fitbit, Visa and Samsung have brought him to where he is today… That and the fact that he has been dealing with credit cards for some time. He says that many of the world’s modern cards employ too much of the same complicated language that users do not bother to fully understand before using their products, which could wind up hurting them later down the line.

We Need to Make Sure Everyone Is Aware

He explains:

If you cannot describe your credit card value proposition in two seconds or less, it is because the company has designed it to confuse you. Some customers like to try and win [at the points and miles game]. They always lose. The house always wins. Credit card issuers have the resources and experiences to beat anyone at a portfolio level.

With Unifi Premier, he is hoping that big name credit card companies such as Citibank, Chase and American Express get knocked to the side.

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