Universa rates as “Stable+”

· November 16, 2017 · 4:50 pm

Well-known specialized portal icorating.com has prepared a comprehensive analysis of Universa token sale with a detailed study of its technical features, project team and future perspectives. As has been mentioned before that the rating “Stable+” means Universa is strong enough for people to trust it: «We recommend participating in the Universa ICO to long-term investors. Tokens will gradually grow in price during the crowdsale,» says the expert.

In the first place, the Universa authors note its advantages above other blockchain projects. Unlike many crypto start-ups based on the existing protocols, Universa team focuses on developing their own, fundamentally different blockchain, which could easily work with any other protocol only using important data and connecting it within the developed protocol framework. Universa offers personal smart contracts for performing various types of operations for any type of business. All records on the blockchain will be decentralized, and operations can be performed asynchronously. There will also be no miming. All these is achieved through the DAG technology.

No mining implies that Universa is a currency-free protocol. UTN token has been created in order to pay commissions to the nodes. The Universa blockchain protocol is based on smart contract similar to the one of Ethereum. Along with the possibility to connect with other smart contracts, thus creating tree structure operations, Universa smart contracts can be stored offline until the data is transferred to the network. Universa describes itself as a project offering a crypto-protocol for the common use, able to compete with the most influential cryptocurrencies. The founders of Universa see it as an innovative platform for multi-protocol smart-contracts.

For the project successful development, it will be enough to raise a smaller amount of funds as compared to the stated hardcap of $ 99 million. In fact, the already collected sum of $ 10 million is sufficient for Universa to achieve its plans. This minimum amount is reflected in the detailed budget plan, and allows the team to implement all basic functionality. In conclusion, the rating agency suggested once again that the announced functionality of Universa blockchain protocol will be in demand in the near future, so the project seems to be gaining ground rather quickly.


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