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University Students in North Korea Receive a Guest Lecture on Bitcoin and Blockchain


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North Korea is not a country most people would associate with Bitcoin. That is only normal, given the oppressive regime and lack of freedom of speech. However, some of the elite students in the country recently received a course on blockchain technology and Bitcoin. That is a rather surprising development. Until now, it seemed north Korea wanted nothing to do with cryptocurrencies. Things surely change quickly in the world of Bitcoin these days.

This new initiative is rather interesting to keep an eye on. According to Pyongyang University of Science and Technology, the course was well received by the elite students. It is part of a Research Lecture Series, which touches upon many different subjects. Unlike what most people expected, Bitcoin and blockchain received their very own course in the curriculum. Italian Bitcoin entrepreneur Federico Tenga was the one teaching the students about these two concepts.

North Korea Shown an Interest in Bitcoin

North Korea is a very odd country when it comes to cryptocurrencies. They are by far the most passive region when it comes to this new form of money. Their only association with Bitcoin so far revolves around hacking exchanges in South Korea. At the same time, this deliberate hacking effort is a clear sign the nation knows all too well what type of power cryptocurrency holds. After all, the hacked amounts of BTC are still in North Korean hands, as far as we know.

This new technology is of great interest to any region in the world. This guest lecture was filled pretty quickly to counter the strong focus on traditional financial subjects. It provides a healthy mix of old and new forms of finance, which is always a solid choice. Students in North Korea deserve more exposure to blockchain and Bitcoin. It is still a remarkable decision by the university, but a smart one. How this information will be used, remains to be determined, though.

Do not be mistaken in thinking North Korea will become legal tender in North Korea anytime soon. The students clearly have a lack of knowledge regarding these topics. However, there is no indication the government will legalize cryptocurrency all of a sudden. It is a rare sign of open-mindedness toward what the entire world is looking at right now. For now, it just remains a one-time event which may not yield any significant results in the near future. An interesting development well worth paying attention to, that much is evident.

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JP Buntinx
JP Buntinx
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