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Upcoming Legends of Crypto SHO Paves the Way for The Future Of NFT Gaming


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Non-Fungible Tokens are taking the cryptocurrency world by storm in recent months. Legends of Crypto, one of the many anticipated NFT projects, will conduct its upcoming public token sale with the help of DAOMaker.

Legends Of Crypto Is On A Roll

As competition in the NFT space keeps heating up, it becomes more challenging for new projects to stand out over time. Legends of Crypto take a different angle by providing an original and creative NFT idea. Thanks to the completion of a recent $1.2 million strategic private funding round, the team will fuel long-term growth and fulfill its long-term vision. As an NFT collectibles card game centered around the crypto industry and its prominent characters, there is still a lot to be done.

Users who participate in Legends of Crypto can collect, stake, and trade every NFT at their own leisure. Characters are categorized as top crypto tokens, the largest blockchains, influencers, or even crypto cities. A vast undertaking like this one requires the necessary infrastructure to maintain a high throughput. It is for this reason that  Legends of Crypto runs on both Ethereum and Matic.

Under the hood, Legends of Crypto provides some intriguing functionality to users. NFTs can be staked to earn crypto or farmed by holding LOCG tokens. Every Non-Fungible Token has its own special design and rarity, making them tradeable on the built-in marketplace and via external platforms such as OpenSea.

Playing the game itself – either free or via the tournaments – allows players to trump one another based on their cards’ numerical data. As players alternate between different categories, the person with the highest number of cards in the selected category is deemed the winner.

Upcoming SHO Public Sale

Anyone who is interested in Legends of Crypto can soon partake in the upcoming Strong Holder Offering, or SHO. Everyone can join the LOC club by investing via DAOMaker. The DAOMaker protocol is designed for cross-chain token pools and is built on the Polkadot blockchain. One of DAOMaker’s key features is decentralized funding of early-stage projects, making it a good fit for ventures such as Legends of Crypto.

The SHO for Legends of Crypto takes place on April 28 and will help generate extra excitement and introduce new opportunities for loyal fans and followers. Users need to register via the whitelisting form, yet both DAO token hodlers and non-holders will be eligible to take part in the same via the different pools. If there are too many interested parties, a random lottery system will pick eligible participants from the whitelist to provide fair and equal opportunities to everyone. A total of $125k in LOCG tokens will be up for sale at the price of $0.036 apiece.

It also marks a crucial milestone for the NFT project as it will enter its next stage of development and usability. As every NFT can be staked to earn crypto, the platform provides powerful solutions. Additionally, the LOCG tokens can be used to farm new and rare NFTs to ensure value as collectibles while also providing financial use cases to the project.

Furthermore, LOCG is the governance token of Legend of Crypto, letting holders direct this project’s future through voting. It also entitles holders to extra rewards in the game. Inside the LOC game, users can stake pools for new NFT airdrops, receiving a kickback in LOCG when buying from the marketplace, and modify features in race NFTs. Finally, the LOCG can be used for discounts on NFT cards, decks, boost factor, and more.

Closing Thoughts

As the NFT space attracts a lot of attention, projects need to offer extra functionality via their technology. Legends of Crypto go beyond the “traditional” way of rewarding token holders with governance rights, as they can earn airdrops too or acquire discounts and staking rewards. Providing more functionality is an essential step toward taking Non-Fungible Tokens mainstream.

It is also good to see cross-platform marketplace integration. All LOC NFTs will be tradeable outside of their native marketplace, creating a much broader appeal. The upcoming SHO further confirms the team’s long-term vision of building the future of NFT gaming and moving beyond merely collecting digital items.


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