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The Updated Dogecoin News – Answering the Difficult Questions in Digital Currencies


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The issue of trust comes in when people talk about dogecoin news. You have to be ready to trust someone with your money for a long period with the hope that you will make some money out of it. In particular, you have to trust dogecoin developers with your money for a period of 39 weeks. The biggest challenge is that cryptocurrencies are always subject to scams, fraud and price fluctuations. On the other hand, many investors are making money out of such digital currencies. Therefore, one has to either face their fears, and invest with dogecoins, or sit back and observe how well other investors do in the digital currency.

The dogecoin returns are lucrative, no doubt. 55% of these returns go to the investors, 20% is set aside as maintenance costs, while 25% goes to the purchase of new hardware. On the first round, one dogecoin will go at a share price of 580. This first round will actually take approximately 39 weeks. However, one the required funds are raised on the first round, the share of the currency is raised to 800. At the end of the two round IPO, dogecoin developers hope to raise 72, 300,000. From hence, the profits are hence distributed evenly among the shareholders.

Is Dogecoin Worth It?

Is it worth taking the risk of investing in dogecoins? Many investors are asking this question today, with the hope that they can find answers. First of all, the 39 weeks one has to wait can seem to be an eternity if you are seeking for quick cash. Secondly, this digital currency is still in the infant stages, and there is a possibility of many flaws in the whole operation. With these two factors in mind, one has to be very careful and only invest when they have done their research properly.


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