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Upwork: Bitcoin Freelancers Can Earn A Lot of Money


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According to Upwork, a site for freelancers seeking gigs in writing, technology and art, most employment providers are looking for individuals with a background or knowledge in bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

 Upwork Draws Out New BTC Statistics

To put things specifically, it appears more tech companies and their executives want workers who are at least vaguely familiar with how blockchain operates. Many of these ventures have sought to implement bitcoin technology into their systems to manage supply chains and other elements of their businesses and want to ensure those working under their guises have at least a general understanding.

This is further proof that cryptocurrencies and blockchain are becoming more mainstream. If more companies are demanding that employees have this knowledge beforehand, that means they likely consider training in the subject to be not only important, but generally available. They probably expect employees to take their time in educating themselves and seek out the proper resources before expanding their tech careers.

While freelancing isn’t likely to garner one the same benefits that they might find through a standard job or as a full-time employee (i.e. 401K, healthcare, etc.), approximately 73 percent of Upwork’s customers say they have since begun earning more as freelancers then they did through full-time jobs.

Upwork Chief economist Adam Ozimek explained in a statement:

 This data illustrates that work of a very high skilled nature is being done by professionals on Upwork. Highly paid skills aren’t just anecdotes or limited to one field. They range from law to marketing to finance to high tech, and a significant percentage of U.S. freelancers earn quite high hourly wages on the platform.

Per the site’s data, persons working in the “bitcoin” field earn an average hourly wage of approximately $215 and are among the most highly paid individuals finding work through the site.

It’s also interesting that such knowledge remains necessary given that cryptocurrencies continue to drop left and right. Bitcoin, for example, has fallen by more than $700 since yesterday. At press time, it currently trades for approximately $10,004.

Other currencies, like Ethereum, have also fallen, with the second-largest cryptocurrency by market cap and the primary competitor to bitcoin now trading for a measly $188 per unit. All crypto appears down for the count at the time of writing, though it’s unclear why.

 What’s Making the Price Fall?

The best analysis that some observers have given is that the bitcoin space is being pressured by “large individual orders,” though this is only a possibility and unconfirmed.

This would ultimately make sense, given that since bitcoin has dropped somewhat over the past day, new investors are looking to get into the industry and purchase units now while they’re down to make money in the coming weeks. Bitcoin is projected by several firms and individuals to strike new price records in 2020.

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