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Utron DeFi- The Advanced Technology Connecting DeFi & Mining


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  1. What is UTRON?

UTRON DeFi is developed as a cutting-edge solution for the mining industry. Its mission is to engage passionate individuals and enterprises to access the industrial mining facility more simply than before. Such factors as low-cost green electricity, an experienced team, favourable government regulations and advanced technology solutions make UTRON one of the most efficient mining operations in the world!

Unlike traditional cloud mining services, with Mining Contract, UTRON will be fully transparent with respect to equipment, digital address and operations, costs and profits. UTRON project is based on 3 pillars of digital movement – transparency, decentralization and accessibility. Due to that, UTRON decided to utilize the Tron blockchain for our inner ecosystem token – UTX (UTRON Token). Token itself has multiple use-cases for holders:

– Access to UTRON Mining Contracts functionality
– Staking program rewards
– Special privileges in the UTRONSWAP
– Core drive of UTRON ecosystem

It is clear that with UTX and UTRON’s future user-friendly products, UTRON can contribute to the adoption of mining and cryptocurrencies.

Regarding the UTRONSWAP, it is developed in 2 periods. In the 1st phase, UTRON will connect JUSTSWAP to make exchange and swap. 2nd phase is UTRONSWAP project, which is an automated liquidity protocol for crypto swap. There is no need for making offers or matching orders, and there is no intervention of any organization or centralized establishment in the transaction.


UTX known as UTRON token is the native token powering UTRON DEFI solutions & ecosystem, which is promising to grow strongly with a large community. The total supply of this native token is 200,000,000 tokens, 500 times rarer than TRON and it is developed as a decentralized token. With a unique project idea, UTRON is a great investment for the holders.

Users, who stake UTX Tokens in the UTRONSWAP, will receive a number of privileges and profits. Joining the Staking program, UTX holders will have to lock at least 1,000 UTX and gain an interest of 0.3% per day within 180 days. After the staking period, the stakeholders can receive the initial investment or can earn more profits by reinvestment in this program.


The UTX token will be sold in 2 rounds:

ROUND 1 will begin from 20th of November to the 4th of January, 2021.

  • The sale total: 50,000,000 UTX
  • 1 UTX = 0.1 USDT
  • The minimum is 1000 UTX

ROUND 2 will begin from the 5th of January to the 20th of February in 2021

  • The sale total: 50,000,000 UTX
  • 1 UTX = 0.2 USDT
  • The minimum is 1000 UTX

Check Details of Token Sale Here


3.1. Join telegram channel & group – Member registration via t.me/utron_official_bot: + 50 UTX (~5 USDT)

3.2. Each referral member registration: + 50 UTX (~5 USDT) The referral commission will be locked from withdrawal until the registration numbers reach 10.

3.3. Make blog/facebook/twitter article reviews of total project (~300-500 words)

(active blog with regular written articles and active facebook/twitter with more

than 200 friends) : + 200 UTX (20 USDT)

3.4. Make Youtube video reviews of total project (>3 min): +300 UTX (30 USDT)

3.5. Earn 10% of direct commission when the referral members purchase UTX during token sale.

Airdrop Submission Form: http://bit.ly/utronairdropform

The tokens gained from airdrop, bounty, affiliate marketing programs can be used at the holders’ disposal, without being subject to control or lock.


In order to participate in UTRON Farming & Staking, visit below channels:



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