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vDice ICO Starts off with a Bang, Raises over $1 Million in Less Than 2 Hours


The cryptocurrency industry these days has deviated from conventional ways of fundraising, which usually involves angel investors, venture capital, and other firms. Instead, most of the startups are increasingly opting for the crowdfunding route with ICOs. vDice, the popular Ethereum based gambling platform is one such company that has opted for an ICO.

vDice announced the beginning of its ICO campaign starting November 15, 2016. The campaign, since its launch has received a great response from the cryptocurrency community, raising over $1 million USD in less than 90 minutes. With the ICO set to go on for another four weeks, the world’s first live and fully decentralized gambling platform expects to raise sufficient funds to meet the needs.

There are very few Ethereum based gambling platforms out there. vDice is quite different from others as it doesn’t require the users to create an account on the platform in order to gamble. The platform doesn’t have any geographical restrictions and anyone from anywhere can just start playing on vDice. All bets on the platform are provably fair, with instant payouts.

The vDice ICO allows investors to buy vSlice crypto tokens during the pre-sale. With a fixed 96 million vSlice tokens in the offering, owners of vSlice will be eligible to a share of vDice platform’s profits. Once the ICO is over, the vSlice tokens will also be tradable on multiple exchange platforms for other cryptocurrencies

As vDice proceeds with the ICO, the number of vSlice tokens offered per ether progressively reduces. During the first week, investors stand to get 130 vSlice tokens per ETH, 120 vSlice during the second week and 100 vSlice during the third and fourth weeks.

The further development of vDice platform following the ICO will be in accordance with the development roadmap currently available on the website. The recently released whitepaper contains more information about the future plans for the platform, also available on the website.

Those interested in gaining a stake in the vDice platform can do so by investing in the ICO.

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