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A great news for independent investors, especially those who are artists or have interest in music industry, is coming from Voise in the form of its upcoming ICO, starting on May 6th 2017, which will end on June 6th.

Why to look for this Crowdsale?

  • Distributing the 100% Revenue!

Voise serves as a decentralized music downloading and streaming platform that monetizes independent artists. The model of their business distributes 100 percent of revenue to the artists. Voise aims to develop an anonymous and decentralized platform based on Ethereum’s blockchain technology and custom token to meet the platform needs.

  • Rewarding the artists via decentralized ways

Decentralized technology and business models are already on the way to achieve a lot of things. Voise has long been finding out the ways that reward independent artists in a decentralized manner. With traditional monetization models and platforms, indie artists get just a fraction of the earning. By eliminating the middlemen’s presence in the process, content creators can surely expect more benefits in this platform.

  • Open to all

Voise platform is open to all and runs on Ethereum blockchain. Apart from the fact that it distributes 100 percent profit among artists, the platform will remain anonymous and fully decentralized. To initiate the development of such platform, the ICO is starting soon to raise the money. Anyone investing in the ICO will be entitled to the portion of the native tokens of the platform. These tokens enable transactions among artists and other investors in the same way.

  • 92 Million Tokens are to be sold!

The number is huge indeed, as one could expect. The ICO will use Ethereum smart contract to ensure transparency throughout the process. Investors can invest in the ICO by sending Ether to the correct address. All tokens will be issued to Ethereum wallet sending the starting transaction. We recommend potential investors not to use exchange wallets to take part in the ICO since these would not recognize the token ownership

The Voise platform will be developed completely in last two quarters of 2017 and could be used for all key operating systems. In addition, having strong emphasis on indie artists, the artists will be able to promote their work in near future through this platform. In terms of media and music artists, Voise ICO is being taken as one of the most important ICO this year and time will reveal its significance in other industries also.


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