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VOISE Outlines Future Development Plans in Updated Roadmap and Whitepaper


VOISE is a decentralized music platform that aims to monetize independent artists by giving them 100% of the revenue. The platform is built around an Ethereum token that helps indie artists profit from their work. It is their aim to revolutionize the music industry, and therefore, have outlined a plan of action in the updated Roadmap and Whitepaper.

The VOISE team has updated the roadmap into a more detail oriented document. The team has put up concrete points and dates for their plan of action in the document, and has also assured the community to try and deliver everything in set time.

While, the Whitepaper now includes a more in-depth discussion of the technical aspects of the platform and its sections. The updated document can be accessed here.

The press release started off by describing all the changes that have been made and developments being undertaken, and then followed it by outlining the plans of development for the next two quarters.

2017 Q3

1st July — 1st October

The platform has conducted its crowdsale during Q3 of 2017. Following the crowdsale, VOISE has bought the voise.com domain and redesigned the website with a team of professionals. The website is scheduled to go live soon.

VOISE has also contacted bittrex exchange and expects to receive a reply soon.

The platform even plans to set up an email newsletter in order to keep the community updated. There are plans regarding the web platform client getting the alpha released, since the platform considers them of primary importance. It enables different platforms to browse the site without a dedicated client.

2017 Q4

1st October — 1st January

The first code commit including all the backend code will be released in Q4 of 2017, via the platform’s github. Priority will be given to fixing of any bugs that may crop up.

The VOISE team will start working on secondary platform features and keep updating it. The promotions under the first marketing plan will also be launched for the benefit of both the artists and the users.

Other plans include contacting important online wallets to include the VSM token by default, continuing developing the platform itself and starting working on the dedicated clients, and releasing the DAO Radio and important features.

Interested readers can go through the roadmap for more details.

2018 Q1

1st January — 3rd April

The first quarter of the next year will be reserved to hire people for moderation, support and anti piracy control. A second round of advertising especially focused on the users and artists inexperienced with cryptocurrency will also take place.

There are also plans for partnering up with some other blockchain project for mutual exposure.

Finally, the platform will implement fiat currency payments to the platform, and will start organizing public events in order to get people to know VOISE in real life.



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