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The Romanians “closed” Wall Street for the Crypto.ro Academy, the project that puts Romania on the world map of crypto education


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Crypto.ro managed to film for 60 minutes in front of the New York Stock Exchange on Wall Street.

The Romanian team from Crypto.ro filmed near the famous Bull in front of the New York Stock Exchange, content for the Crypto.ro Academy, a financial education project in the crypto field that will be launched on October 11.

The platform, which will be available in Romanian and English, will be accessible anytime, anywhere and will provide detailed information about cryptocurrencies, Metaverse, Crypto gaming, NFTs and other technologies related to blockchain technology.

The courses of the Crypto.ro Academy will be updated every quarter to cover the changes that occur in this rapidly evolving market, but also according to the needs of the participants.

The investor who will share his experience and knowledge on the platform is Alex Numeris, founder of Crypto.ro and one of the best-known figures on the crypto market in Romania.

The investor became a millionaire thanks to the “power of cryptocurrencies”, and now he wants to help crypto adoption worldwide, and play an important role in the education of people interested in cryptocurrencies.

“We created the Crypto.ro Academy to guide people towards education and investments in cryptocurrencies. I have been investing in crypto since 2017 and had the inspiration to document everything. I strongly believe that by investing in crypto education and supporting starting investors worldwide we will see this space evolving to better”, explained the Romanian entrepreneur.

Numeris believes that now is the best time to start exploring investments in cryptocurrencies as the market is going through a necessary correction.
“Right now the market is in a classic, necessary and healthy correction that offers one of the last opportunities to make life-changing investments. I take this opportunity to accumulate Bitcoin again”, said Alex Numeris, CEO and founder of Crypto.ro.

Other locations in New York where the team filmed were the Solana Spaces, Web 3 Gallery, and the FTX Arena sports and entertainment, in Miami. The recordings will be integrated into the modules of the Crypto.ro Academy. Filming for the project was also done in Italy, Romania and the United Arab Emirates.

Those who wish to enroll in the courses can reserve a place on the official page: academy.crypto.ro/en

Alex Numeris made a fortune from SEO and crypto investments

The crypto industry has changed the life of the Romanian entrepreneur, who says he was “born and raised poor” but became a millionaire using “the power of cryptocurrencies”.

He studied Computer science but quickly realized that the educational system has outdated information and dropped college in order to become an entrepreneur.His entrepreneurial journey started with his SEO agency, flipping domains and investing in courses about business and self development.


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