Following in Amazon’s footsteps, Walmart – one of the biggest retailers in the world – has decided to hire a blockchain expert for its team.

Walmart Is Building Its Blockchain Team

The company is allegedly looking to get involved in the cryptocurrency space and has posted a job advertisement seeking out a qualified “cryptocurrency product lead.” The posting reads as follows:

As an expert in digital currencies/ cryptocurrency and blockchain-related technologies, you will drive the vision for the product and capabilities roadmap. You will provide the leadership to identify technology and customer trends and the investments needed to build on those trends.

The news is being well received by many members of the cryptocurrency industry and suggests even more that digital currencies are stepping into mainstream territory and achieving the legitimacy that they have dreamed of for so many years. A similar approach was recently taken by Amazon, which posted a job ad suggesting that it was looking for someone to work in a blockchain capacity, though this ultimately led to several rumors that the company was potentially building its own digital asset and that it would also be accepting bitcoin and other forms of crypto for payments in the future.

At the time of writing, it looks like much of this is untrue, suggesting that the news surrounding the job ad ultimately got out of hand. This also led to the bitcoin price exploding in virtually no time at all, as one BTC unit rose from the low $30,000 range to the high $30,000 range, thereby propelling it to the mid-$40,000 price level it would ultimately experience just a week or so later.

No rumors are meandering about Walmart. All we know at press time is that the company is potentially starting to build its blockchain department, and for now, that’s good enough. Many large companies have been getting involved in the digital currency arena. While they may not yet be accepting digital payments, they are looking more into the technology granted things eventually allow them to accept crypto for goods and services in the future.

The Space Keeps Growing

This is a testament to just how strong the space has become in recent years, and companies are beginning to see just how popular digital assets are. Thus, they want to ensure they maintain their current client rosters by allowing digital currency activities to occur within the confines of their operations.

Persons looking to apply for the job with Walmart must have a bachelor’s degree in business, engineering, or a similar field. They must also have at least seven years of experience in merger and acquisitions, business development, or investment banking. Lastly, they must also possess a minimum of ten years in technology commercialization or product and program management, and they must also have spent time in crypto ecosystems and developed crypto-based strategies and roadmaps.

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