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Want to Take a VR Tour Inside a Cloud Mining Farm?


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Regardless of your knowledge of cryptocurrency mining, you should seriously consider taking a virtual tour of HIVE Blockchain’s new spacious mining farm. Located in Sweden, the tour gives novices and experts alike the chance to see for themselves what exactly a mining farm looks like. For the less knowledgeable, it also serves as an opportunity to understand what goes on inside the halls of a large-scale crypto mining operation—which, unlike traditional mining operations, is completely digital.

HIVE’s latest facility isn’t your uncle’s desktop mining setup. In fact, mining farms this massive in scale only come along rarely, and when they do, it’s uncommon that their owners allow the general public a peek inside, free of charge.

But that’s precisely what HIVE Blockchain (TSX.V: HIVE) did when they released a 360° VR tour inside of their massive Sweden-based mining farm last week. The facility is nestled in an undisclosed part of Sweden and can power over 24 MW of computing power. Another 30 MW are expected to be retrofitted within the facility by December.

In partnership with the world’s largest cloud cryptocurrency mining company, Genesis Mining, the HIVE team has set themselves up for success. By incorporating Genesis’ proprietary software and hardware—the data centers will operate around the clock, to optimize efficiencies while increasing the rate of coin production.

This exclusive partnership with Genesis Mining gives HIVE access to three critical elements of large-scale clean crypto mining—hardware, software, and green energy, which is readily accessible in Sweden. They’re already putting these assets to work.

Mining commenced at the end of April, and not long after, the company announced a further expansion in its power capacity. This increase has been a steady trend that will only continue as they work towards their September goal of 54 total megawatts at the Swedish facility alone.

The partnership with Genesis Mining and their experience in the sphere as one of the largest-scale industrial mining and infrastructure operations qualifies HIVE as a major player in the space. With their reliance upon green energy, they’re uncompromising in their mission to fuel their operations ethically. Part of that right-minded approach includes allowing the public to gain a view into their facility with this exciting VR tour.

To take the 3-minute interactive tour inside their newest mining farm, click HERE.

(Please note that the VR experience is not viewable from a mobile browser and must be viewed on either the YouTube app or from your desktop.)


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