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Web3 Platform Dexsport Enables Direct Crypto Purchases with Banking Cards


The web3 betting platform Dexsport completed a massive update entitled RED. Now, Dexsport users are able to buy crypto directly from their web3 wallets using banking cards. Furthermore, Dexsport went deployed on two more blockchains, OKC and Polygon, becoming a full-fledged multi-chain platform.

The RED upgrade consisted of four large blocks:

  • number of blockchains supported by the project increased to three (BNB Chain, Polygon, and OKC),
  • integration of turbo games CrashX and DexDice,
  • easy purchase of crypto from web3 wallets using ordinary banking cards,
  • redesign with simplified navigation and newcomers onboarding.

With support of Polygon and OKC blockchains, Dexsport customers can place bets in 12 pools, including Wrapped MATIC (WMATIC) and Wrapped OKT (WOKT), as well as DESU, BUSD, MDAO, WBNB, LAUNCH, 2CRZ, YAY, BOT. This update is intended to increase the liquidity circulating on the platform and provide additional opportunities for growth.

The integration of turbo games gives users access to new earning tools during periods when the betting market is on holiday. The income per session in integrated turbo games reaches x1,000, making them a great alternative to betting.

In a partnership with Mercuryo, a global payments solution platform, Dexsport enabled its users to quickly and securely buy cryptocurrencies directly from their web3 wallets using their credit or debit cards. This step granted further accessibility and ease of access of a broader number of Dexsport users to fast growing web3 world.

The Dexsport team accumulated reviews of users and cultivated ideas for easier navigation. The platform team received feedback from subscribers, as well as analyzed the achievements of competitors and researched the betting market.

Thus, each part of the update is designed to meet the needs of platform users and improve its technical component.

Dexsport is a Web3 betting platform deployed on the BNB Chain, Polygon and OKC blockchains. The mission of Dexsport is to show users that betting can be honest and open. Trying to improve users’ attitude towards betting, developers use the power of web3 tools, such as the blockchain technology which helps Dexsport protect user assets and privacy and makes the betting process transparent.


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