Financial platforms see a lot of value in crowdfunding efforts. Expanding the business can be a costly manner, and there are not always investors looking to inject fresh capital into an enterprise. But crowdfunding has its drawbacks as well, due to different regions dealing with different payment methods. WebMoney Transfer, a global settlement system, has launched the WebMoney Funding platform, which now accepts Bitcoin transfers.

WebMoney Funding Embraces Bitcoin

WebMoney Funding, a newly launched crowdfunding platform, aiming to make it easier for local business to raise capital. Under the WebMoney Transfer umbrella, this platform lets creative, scientific, industrial, and charitable projects accept voluntary donations through different payment methods. As of today, those options also include Bitcoin transfers.

A total of four different services is offered through WebMoney Funding. Fundraising is one option, although crowdfunding is an option worth exploring as well. It is equally possible to organize group purchases to receive bulk discounts or plan events. All of these business activities are open to the general public, and can now be funded through Bitcoin transfers.

Once a Bitcoin transaction is sent through the WebMoney Funding platform, the user will receive the balance into their internal account. Money can be withdrawn to WebMoney whenever they wish to do so. It appears this funds will be stored in its native Bitcoin balance along the way, although a conversion to fiat currency is equally possible if the user prefers that option.

Even though Bitcoin is not the only supported payment option, it is a significant addition. Next to WebMoney bank cards, online banking, and various electronic payment system, Bitcoin completes the puzzle to offer global money transfer solutions at low costs. Webmoney recently added support for Bitcoin, and it looks like the Russian payment giant sees a bright future ahead for cryptocurrency payments.

It is also worth noting users who create a project through the Webmoney Funding platform will not be charged an agent fee. For smaller projects looking to raise funds, this is particularly good news. Moreover, the WebMoney Funding platform gives charities around the world an extra reason to accept Bitcoin donations, which can help put cryptocurrency on the global map over the next few years.

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