Purse.io users were in for a shock this weekend when they opened their email. Many Purse.io users had received a password reset notification for their accounts which they had not authorised. According to reports, these password change notification recipients soon received two more consecutive emails reporting the execution of fund transfers from their accounts followed by a confirmation mail.

Reddit was soon flooded with posts by people who received these mails. Some of them even claimed that they lost some bitcoins held in their accounts during the process. After receiving reports of the incident, Purse.io went offline for about 5 hours yesterday while the company investigated the cause of unauthorized activity on the platform.

During the whole incident, Purse.io claimed that all the users’ funds are safe and the company has taken necessary steps to ensure that the funds are safe. Purse.io had earlier informed about the incident in one of the blog posts, which was later updated with more information about the incident .

According to Purse.io, the unauthorized activity on its platform was due to an issue with one of its third party email service provider. Once the issue was discovered, Purse.io took action to secure funds and reset token for those users who were affected by the issue. The company goes on further to reiterate that all funds are safe with Purse.io.

While Purse.io has declined that there has been no loss of funds from the platform, users on reddit say otherwise. Many users have claimed that they have lost fractions of bitcoin transferred from their accounts. One of the reddit users claims to have conducted his own investigation and shared some details regarding it on the social network. According to him, at least 30 bitcoins were stolen from Purse.io during the attack.

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