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Welcome the new blockchain where Innovators meet investors


The biggest companies on earth started with simple ideas. But many revolutionary ideas died down not because they were not good, but because of lack of funding. This is about to change now. iPRONTO is using the blockchain Technology to create a junction where innovators and startups meet investors. With iPRONTO, investors are poised to put their money into what they love and think will work whiles innovators and startups get to kickstart their projects and turn them into future companies. It is just a simple connection and iPRONTO is making that happen.

iPRONTO’s middleman platform is a global avenue for any investor to invest in a startup idea. Because of the blockchain technology used by the platform, security is going to be assured. Power would not be given to any single person, meaning each and every participant – be it an investor or a innovator, is the owner of their own data and information.

As a middleman between investors and startup founders, iPRONTO makes use of smart contracts to ensure that the system remains transparent. Tasks are automated to create a peer-to-peer relationship between the two parties. This saves time and money and ensures that investors know exactly what they are investing in and startup gurus know exactly where they are getting their funding from – identities do not really matter.

iPRONTO’s platform follows a simple procedure to satisfy investors and startups. Incubators and startup gurus with ideas will post their concepts and brands on the platform. Investors go through these ideas and chose the ones they love and would like to invest in. and just like that, a new investor-ideator relationship is created.

In order to ensure trust and give credibility to those who deserve it, there will be a social score for each member. Additionally, participants will be indexed and screened to ensure that every member is safe.


Tokens start at a value of $0.90, which will surely be increased as more investors and incubators get involved. iPRONTO’s token will be used for transactions on the platform, including membership fees, transaction fees, and other transactions.

All in all, a total of 45 million Token is going to be released with 27 million to represent public offering, ICO at 17.1 million, Pre-ICO 6.3 million and close group at 3.6 million. Don’t forget the 15% Pre-ICO discount.




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