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WELL WEEK in a Nutshell WELL announces new advisors and a partner, gets excited about the smart contract and smart devices, and networks in San Francisco


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No efforts, no results. WELL knows that for sure. All the team members have been working hard to develop the project and seek new opportunities for growth. Days and nights were spent programming, upgrading and pitching.

As spring comes, the WELL team becomes energetic like never before and has so many exciting events and achievements to share!

A bigger team for the bright future

People is what makes a project grow. WELL team members and advisors aren’t simply workers, but a family that is passionate about innovations, technologies and people’s well-being. The company is always happy to welcome new, bright minds aboard, who share its ideas and help drive WELL higher and reach ingenious results.

The team is very glad to announce that the WELL Advisory Board becomes bigger and stronger as Angelo Dodaro and Akin Sawyerr join it.

Angelo Dodaro is an award winning digital marketer, blockchain entrepreneur and cryptocurrency investor with over 10 years experience in marketing. During his career, Angelo worked with many brands including Tesla Motors, TIFF, Cara Foods and Mud Hero. As a cryptocurrency and innovation enthusiast, Angelo works as CMO at Adbank and also invests in promising projects.

At WELL, Mr. Dodaro will apply his large marketing and PR experience to help the startup reach out to the community and deliver the company’s mission.

Akin Sawyerr will assist WELL on the African markets. Akin is the founder of Feleman Limited, an investment and consulting company focused on catalyzing investments into African regions. Mr. Sawyerr’s background is astonishing indeed: he has a Bachelor of Arts degree (BA) in Economics with a minor in Political Science from Union College, New York, and a Master in Business Administration (MBA) from The Amos Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth.

Akin is a proven leader who builds and advises innovative and advanced projects with strong values and mission.

Putting efforts to eliminate country borders and bring quality healthcare to every region, WELL is glad to work with Mr. Sawyerr. He will be helping us in Africa with connections to doctors, clinics and charitable foundations. Our team is sure his large expertise will drive the WELL project forward and help make medical services affordable and accessible to all those in need.

New partnership – new horizons

To achieve the ambitious goal of globalizing healthcare, WELL joins forces with companies that share the same mission and values.

We are proud to announce our partnership with Rehab Guru – a comprehensive, multi-platform tool aiding therapists, coaches, athletes, as well as health and medical professionals to prescribe exercises for their clients. WELL and Rehab Guru, both engaged in innovative healthcare practices, saw many synergies between their activities.

Simon Taylor, director of Rehab Guru, comments: “Where I believe there is real potential is in delivery of physical rehabilitation via telehealth (i.e. via WELL). A secure consultation followed by seamless exercise prescription and coaching. Two-way messaging, progression/regression of exercise plans, patient adherence, feedback and objective measures would all be envisioned features”.

WELL CEO Ildar Fazulyanov also feels inspired, saying:  “It is really exciting to work with Rehab Guru. Their database of over 4000 exercises has corresponding HD videos (which are currently being narrated and uploaded), and would be a fantastic resource for our physical therapists looking to prescribe exercise as a therapy”.

Now WELL and Rehab Guru are working together as close partners to enhance people’s well-being by expanding telemedicine services around the world. Only the sky’s the limit for our fruitful collaboration.

Quality Smart contract – Flawless crowdsale

WELL is not only about healthcare, it is about care. The community – supporters, friends and contributors – are those who encourage WELL, and it’s the team’s priority to back the community up. We have always been and will be fully open and transparent in what we do.

As the Crowdsale date is approaching, we want to ensure superior security and flawlessness of the whole process. So, the WELL team has created a smart-contract, now being audited by an expert 3rd party company called Solidified.

Get excited, community! After being audited, the WELL smart-contract will be deployed on the official Github repository and be available for everyone to see.

Next stop: San Francisco

If you are not networking, you are not working. After an exciting and fruitful roadshow in Asia, Ildar and Alex headed directly to America for another interesting event.

On 27 February, WELL co-founders attended the Blockchain in Healthcare Conference, held in San Francisco, California.

So many great people, medical experts and blockchain gurus sharing their knowledge out there! During the conference Ildar and Alex took their time to enjoy the speeches and learn about upcoming trends in the healthcare space as it pertains to blockchain technology.

Of course, they couldn’t help meeting many outstanding people there, including Joshua Tobkin, the Founder of The Social Climax Network based out of San Francisco; Dr. Tia Jolie Phillips, a well-known Doctor of Holistic Natural Health & Nutrition (PhD); and Vasja Bočko, CEO of Iryo, a global healthcare blockchain platform focusing on EHR storage and access for patients.

Also Ildar had a promising conversation with a team member from Loyyal, a blockchain-based loyalty and rewards platform. WELL’s review and incentive program for patients would be a perfect match for the solution that Loyyal offers. Keep an eye out for updates regarding this exciting potential partnership!

Amazing atmosphere, lots of networking and interesting topics to discuss – the conference in San Francisco was a great event to attend!

Smart devices – Smart WELL

Exciting news, WELL plans to support IoT devices! Whether you have an Apple Watch, Samsung smart devices or something else -you can use it with WELL.

No doubt, in today’s fast world almost no one can go without wearables, and for our project their introduction is a natural step forward. When travelling or being outdoors – anywhere – with WELL it’s easy to monitor your health and have remote consultations via the wearables. Indeed, thanks to projects like WELL, smart wearables will become the ultimate devices for healthy living.  _________________________________________________________________

For WELL this week has been dynamic indeed! What’s next? Many more events, much more good news and achievements. The project is growing rapidly and the team can’t wait to share exciting updates on its progress with the community.
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