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What Happened in Korea Cryptocurrency Market With Insight Protocol?


Last week, the Korea Cryptocurrency market had the diastrophism from one contract.

The limited-edition smartphone “Galaxy Z Fold2 Tom Browne” swapped the Insight Protocol token(Hereafter “INX”). Samsung partnered with Korean boy band Bangtan Boys – popularly known as the BTS for releasing this edition.

The trade has happened in the Korea Famous secondhand P2P platform ‘Danggeun Market.’

It sold over the $7,000(USD), and the buyer sent half of the price INX token.

It was the fascinated trade in the Cryptocurrency market. On May 22, 2010, programmer Laszlo Hanyecz completed the first documented commercial bitcoin purchase, paying 10,000 for two Papa John’s Pizzas. It valued at $41, today It was estimated at $108M.

The Swap of the “Galaxy Z Fold2 Tom Browne” and INX token is looking forward to the Korea Cryptocurrency market. Because INX has the potential to grow up, and this case can be developed the anniversary in the Cryptocurrency market.

Some people told this case in Korea was a commercial event, or they buy and sell themselves. The real or not, Insight Protocol foundation capitalizes this event with their listing event. Other projects or foundations must learn how they use social events.

Block Insight, the famous media platform that collaborates with the oldest cryptocurrency Media group NEWSBTC gives the reward token(Insight Protocol)  for users, making colossal diastrophism in Korea Cryptocurrency market. INX trade-in Bittrex Global and GDAC.


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