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Why $100 in Bitgert Coin Could Spell Enormous Profits for Savvy Investors


The bulls are back in action in the crypto market, and every price action adds to the rising market cap. Despite the correction, the Bitcoin euphoria hasn’t died, with the halving scheduled for April next month. As Bitcoin completes its first bull cycle even before the halving, it is time for the altcoins to test their potential to climb the price charts.

If you are seeking windfall gains in this bull run, the blue-chip tokens like Bitcoin and Ethereum cannot deliver on promises. The top tokens absorb profits and gather sustained momentum, but the gains cannot be over double digits.

You should look for mid-cap tokens with sound fundamentals and a thriving ecosystem. Bitgert is one such mid-cap token with extreme potential for price gain during this bull run.

Let’s investigate Bitgert’s potential to mark lightning-like price gains this season.

Bitgert ecosystem and its fundamentals

Bitgert is a layer-1 blockchain with the fastest transaction throughput of 100K TPS and negligible fees. It is way ahead of industry leaders like Solana in terms of throughput and fee structure. Bitgert’s importance gains more substance, especially when the top layer-1 ecosystem, Ethereum, struggles with congestion and high gas fees.

The ecosystem has 600K plus members and a slew of partnerships and collaborations with big names like Chainlist, ChainGPT, OmniaChain, Forward, etc. Bitgert offers a zero-trading fee exchange, a payment gateway, a P2P crypto exchange, and a suite of products for developers to build on Bitgert.

Bitgert is also helping hundreds of startups gain funding via public and private sales via its Startup Studio. Its token has a deflationary mechanism. Already, 36% of supply has been burned, and as demand increases against shrinking supply, the price is bound to skyrocket.

Bitgert token fundamentals and price action

Bitgert native token BRISE price action has been nothing short of spectacular. Bitgert has gained 113% in a month, and 50% of the gains were absorbed in the past week alone.

With its RSI pointing to a bullish momentum and building buying pressure, investors are finding Bitgert a lucrative investment. Bitgert’s price prediction states the coin’s price action will see a sharp increase, and Bitgert’s price will jump from its current $0.0000003 to $0.0001 in the coming months.

Investing early in the token can grant investors windfall gains and enormous profits. For instance, if you were to invest $100 dollars in  Bitgert tokens at the current price, you would get 333,333,333 tokens.

Once price action kicks in and Bitgert rises to $0.0001, its expected price target by the end of 2024, your $100 investment would yield $33,333 in returns!


Bitgert’s ecosystem is expanding at breakneck speed and gaining users every day. As the token gains traction, even a $0.0001 price target won’t be a big target. If you are seeking good returns this bull season, get on early. Invest in Bitgert and see your portfolio rise in value exponentially.

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