Bitcoin and online gambling communities have become inextricably linked. Blockchain technology has helped solve a lot of transaction and processing issues that online casinos and their players have come up against over the years. Deposits are faster and withdrawals are more secure. For the smartest gamblers, crypto is the way to pay.

However, the benefits of this match go further than just exchanging of funds. Blockchain technology also ushered in the Provably Fair tool. Provably Fair started out as a way for poker players to verify that a deck of cards was not interfered with after being shuffled. It is now widely used by modern casinos as a means for players to individually test a range of games for fairness.

CryptoSlots was one of the earliest champions of the Provably Fair casinos, being a sole casino out there where ALL games on offer can be proven as fair. Now a year old, this cryptocurrency-only casino strives to be transparent, to give its players the maximum amount of control over their gaming experience.

How does Provably Fair work for slot games?

Prior to playing any game, a set of potential outcomes is randomly generated and hashed externally. After spinning the slot, a player can then crosscheck the hashed outcomes with their resulting game outcome. By matching their result with one in the set, they can see that no third party has tampered with the game.

At CryptoSlots there is also guaranteed to be at least one winning result included in the set of 9 potential outcomes.  Players are provided with easy guides to externally verify each game outcome. Even the million dollar winning Jackpot Trigger is a Provably Fair slot.

Why Provably Fair is in Demand

Verified casinos see the value in giving players a tool with which to check that their games are fair. The lack of transparency at traditional casinos means there is no guarantee that best practices are followed and that the results are random. Provably Fair is the way for casinos to prove their worth.

Online gamblers may enjoy taking a chance on the games but there is no reason for them to gamble with the honesty of the casinos themselves when they can stick with reputable brands like CryptoSlots.

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