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Why Some Consider Ties to Craig Wright Controversial


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Craig Wright has been at the center of controversy for some time in the crypto industry. That controversy is spreading so far that even those with basic connections to the Australian bitcoin developer are being ousted by “high-ranking crypto officials.”

 Is a Connection to Wright Looked Down Upon?

One such person is Core Scientific CTO Kristy-Leigh Minehan, who was on the verge of speaking at the upcoming ETC Summit only to be disinvited at the last minute. The rejection came by way of ETC Cooperative executive director Bob Summerwill, who says he’s “concerned” about her ties to news platform Coin Geek. Coin Geek has been accused of spreading fake news about bitcoin SV, the “child” of bitcoin cash and the primary product of Craig Wright.

The currency emerged in the latter half of 2018 as the result of a hard fork that occurred on the bitcoin cash blockchain. The move proved disconcerting for many in that it has pitted industry leaders, i.e. Craig Wright and Roger Ver, against each other, with many arguing opposing sides regarding which coin was king – the original bitcoin cash or bitcoin SV.

The hard fork was also blamed for the nasty fall bitcoin took during November of 2018. Up until that point, BTC had been trading in the $6,000 range, but ultimately fell into the mid-$3,000 range following the fork. It remained at this mark for five months until April of 2019, when it rose back up to $5,000. It has since doubled its price.

The site is purportedly owned by Craig Wright’s financial backer Calvin Ayre. Summerwill took to Twitter to express his disdain, writing:

 Craig Wright is a fraud, serial liar and perjurer, and Calvin Ayre is not much better. I cannot have the ETC Cooperative and the ETC Summit associated with such disreputable individuals and companies, so I choose to withdraw my invitation.

Wright recently made headlines when he was on the losing side of a lawsuit brought forth by Dave Kleiman’s estate. Kleiman was a developer that worked with Wright up until his sudden death in 2013. Dave’s brother Ira claims that Wright tried to cheat Dave’s family out of their kin’s rightful bitcoin inheritance and have since taken up arms in court. Wright is reportedly required to pay upwards of $9 billion in BTC funds to the family.

 Don’t Blame the Company!

Minehan has emerged to defend her company Core Scientific, saying that while she understands the decision to revoke her invitation, the enterprise should not be viewed in a negative light. She explains:

 Core Scientific is a professional service provider, and as long as our customers comply with U.S. laws, pass mandatory know your customer (KYC) checks, uphold their contracts and pay their bills, they are allowed to use our services – the same as any other customer.

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