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Why Use Bitcoin Casinos Instead of Regular Online Gambling Platforms?


Gambling is probably one of the oldest pastimes in the evolution of mankind. According to available information, the finding of prehistoric six-sided dice dating back to 3000 BC stands as proof that the games of chance were adopted and celebrated by people since time immemorial. However, with the changing times and advancements in technology, people don’t have to be in one place to place bets and try their luck in winning a fortune. The rise of online casinos and gambling platforms is the standing example of how irrespective of which part of the world one’s in, they can still place bets in a virtual environment and let an electronic system decide the outcome of these bets, instead of relying on a physical dice or a roulette wheel.

While it has definitely become easy to place bets, either online or offline, the interference from governments in the form of regulations has put in place, yet another hurdle to those who wish to be part of this age-old pastime. In cases where the regulations are lax enough to allow such activities, the question about reliability of such online platforms arise, making one wonder whether the events associated with gambling are rigged in favor of the platform or not. In cases where the gamers end up playing on an unfair platform, there are very high chances of the odds being stacked against the one placing bets, resulting in assured losses to the gambler while those running the gambling platform continue to make money at the expense of their customers.

In the midst of these challenges, has risen a technology that could solve the issues related to trust, transparency, and accessibility with ease. Introduction of Bitcoin – the first-ever cryptocurrency and its underlying blockchain technology has changed the way online gambling industry works. The real bitcoin casinos have turned into universal platforms that can be accessed from anywhere in the world provided one has an internet connection and supported cryptocurrency to fund the account. A bitcoin transaction happens over the decentralized blockchain, without the need for a payment processor. This makes government bans on payments to and from gambling sites meaningless, and any restrictions with respect to accessibility over the internet can be overcome with a simple VPN service.

Given the near-instant transaction processing capabilities of cryptocurrency blockchain and associated transparency and low costs of transactions further helps in instant deposits and withdrawals for users on the platform. All these have made bitcoin casinos a better option than other conventional online gambling offerings available in the industry. When it comes to legitimacy and transparency of the games itself, the provably fair game offerings help users verify the game outcome to ensure it wasn’t rigged in favor of the platform. Further, there are platforms that are involved in the creation of blockchain-based game titles to further promote transparency in online gambling.

There are plenty of resources on the internet with gambling lists and reviews that allow users to find the best online gambling platforms to suit their needs. One such resource website is https://syndicate.casino/casino/slots  which has an extensive list of Bitcoin games to choose from. Picking the platform with the right combination of technology and game titles makes it easier for the players to place bets with the currency of their choice, from anywhere in the world, while knowing that they are playing on a reliable provably fair platform.

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