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Wild Pack Beverage Company Says “Yes” to Crypto Payments


Wild Pack Beverage Inc. has become the latest company to begin accepting bitcoin and crypto payments for products and services.

Wild Pack Brings the Crypto Payment World Closer to Reality

This has become a growing trend as of late. No doubt, the cryptocurrency space is becoming much stronger and heading deeper into mainstream territory as more and more view the asset space as something that is not only valid, but necessary. However, things didn’t start out on that path.

Initially, bitcoin and its digital counterparts were created to push things like checks, fiat currencies, and credit cards to the side. Bitcoin and many other altcoins were originally created to serve as payment tools, though things have been rough for these assets given their volatility and consistent price swings.

These currencies are known for jumping up and down faster than a rabbit on speed. One minute they’re up, the other they’re down. This makes them very difficult to handle for stores and retailers, who up to this point, have been rather hesitant when it comes to accepting digital currencies as methods of payment, and to a certain extent, we can’t really blame them.

Say, for example, you walk into a store and purchase roughly $50 worth of merchandise with bitcoin. Well, for one reason or another, the store decides it’s not going to cash out right away, and 24 hours go by without that BTC being transferred to fiat. The next day, the price of bitcoin goes down, and the $50 you paid winds up falling to $40. The store has lost approximately ten dollars in profit, but you still get to walk away with the items you purchased. Is that a fair scenario? Many retailers don’t think so, which is why so many have refused to give a greenlight to crypto payments.

But Wild Pack is just the latest company hoping to put a damper in the anti-crypto attitude that so many modern businesses seem to have. With bitcoin and so many other cryptocurrencies designed to serve as payment methods, it looks like these assets are once again being given a fighting chance.

Wild Pack has announced that bitcoin and other digital currencies can now be used for its beverage manufacturing and co-packing services. In addition, the enterprise is going to integrate its own wallet system to aid customers who are looking to make regular purchases with crypto. The wallet will be integrated into the company’s invoicing software, so all orders remain secure and invulnerable to outside influence.

Allowing for Fintech Growth

Chuck Zadlo – chief operating officer of Wild Pack – explained:

Wild Pack is focused on implementing customer-centric solutions, and fintech adoption is necessary to meet on-going customer demands for ease-of-use… Bitcoin and cryptocurrency use cases continue to grow, and their acceptability as a form of payment is here to stay.


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