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Winco’s Token Sale – Conntecting Blockchain Technology with Non-Digital Businesses


Winco– Connected Blockchain Technology with Non-Digital Businesses

About Winco

Winco is an all-encompassing Ethereum-based platform that makes available to businesses outside of the digital environment the benefits of blockchain technology, by employing an ever-growing network of companies and startups withgood prospects for the future.

Winco’s objective

Winco has developed their product to be used in investing in real-world goods such as real estate ventures and franchises,considering thatthese assets have their own value.Winco’s digital currency will have many uses in retail networks both online and offline, and also on the exchanges of the market.The Winco token will also be used by the platform’s customers to make payments, and also cover the fees for the employees and suppliers of these retailers.

Blockchain technology has changedhow transactions are processed by making them cheaper, faster and more secure. Blockchain technology is developing at a fast pace, and it will not be long until most of the advantages of blockchainwill be included in the everyday lives of people. Blockchain will also provide more freedom through its decentralized character, eliminating interference from third parties.

Winco created its digital token to be used in variouseconomic segments and industries that handle a great volume of capital everyday all over the world.

Target Customers

Franchise networks can facilitate the adoption of cryptocurrencies by the general public, considering that these companies will be a part of the daily lives of individuals by offering options that are more convenient and effective altogether.

Winco’s network offranchises will keep on expanding, which over time will lead to the creation of an extensive network.Tech startups are other ventures which are targeted byWinco, being significant to the development of their project, due to the fact that they would help improve the circulation of their digital token by moving multiple funds in a greater volume.

ICO Information

Winco has started an initial coin offering to raise the necessary capital for the improvement of their platform and increase the exposure of their WCO token, and through this also increasing the token’s value. Wincohas already sold 500 million WCO tokens so far. The team behindWinco has scheduled the first phase of their Main sale on February the 19th, their crypto tokenhaving the set price of $0.07 for 1 WCO token. The coin offering’s end date will be onMarch 29.

Token Symbol WCO
Token Type ERC20
ICO Start Date 19.02. 2018
ICO End Date 29. 03.2018
Price 0,07 $
Accepted Cryptos BTC,  ETH, BCH,
Platform Ethereum
Total Token Supply 7,652,580,800 WCO
Hard Cap $84,000,000 USD
Soft Cap $35,000,000 USD


Wincoaims to provide the world with a decentralized solution through its token and crypto platform which can eradicatethe multiple issues that derive fromregulatory measures and laws. In addition to this, theirdigital currencywill be very sought after by investors, as they can get involved in real-world based ventures, services,assets and businesses by using the cryptocurrencies of their choice.


Website: https://Winco.io
Telegram: https://t.me/wincocripto
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WincoCryptocurrency/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/WincoCrypto
GitHub: https://github.com/WincoCrypto


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