The Winklevoss twins… You can’t deny the fact they’re an intelligent pair, and they haven’t come as far as they have without being smart and ambitious in the world of business.

Long-time bitcoin advocates, the twins are advising us all not to look at the recent bitcoin price plunge with worry and fear in our eyes.  They’re asking that we look at it as a buying and investment opportunity.  Now that the price is low, this is the time to buy.  After all, the price is bound to go back up sooner or later.

Bitcoin can be thought of as a special baseball card or comic book; something that is both collectible and valuable at the same time.  I have no doubt that when people went out to buy the first issues of “Spiderman” or “Superman,” they probably weren’t thinking, “Gee, this is bound to be worth a lot of money 40 years from now!”  Their thoughts were probably dominated with the idea that it seemed like a fun comic to read, and it would probably give them an hour’s worth of entertainment.

When bitcoin enthusiasts first arrived at the scene, they probably weren’t thinking, “Wow, bitcoin sure is going to be worth a lot one of these days.”  Bitcoin probably seemed like a fun, new and innovative idea; a sure fire way into the financial future… But as we’ve seen, bitcoin has paved way like no other currency.  Those who owned bitcoin at the end of 2013, when each coin was worth well over $1,100 know all too well that what they were holding was valuable, and had the power to become even more valuable over time.

We probably wouldn’t buy the first edition of “Spiderman” nowadays unless we had a lot of money because it’s probably worth a lot, so take some “twin-ly” advice… Buy bitcoin now that you can.  You’ll be happy when the price goes up and you’re richer for it.

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