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Winning the Jackpot? It’s All a Numbers Game at CryptoSlots


Casino jackpots are of huge appeal to online players. Traditionally, they are progressive jackpots, which means that a small percentage of every bet made at the casino is added to the winning amount. The number progressively grows until it is won at random by a lucky player of one of the slots or other casino games.

In this way, it all comes down to luck. There is no way to predict when the jackpot will be hit and who the lucky winner of the prize money will be. But as a cryptocurrency-only casino, CryptoSlot eschews the jackpot norm.

What makes CryptoSlots special

CryptoSlots is a relatively new casino, launched last year, currently accepting Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Monero as payment methods with more altcoins already in the works. Players are promised more freedom and control than the average casino. Accounts can be set up with no personal details divulged, payments can be easily traced, etc.

These ethics are also extended to the way the jackpot works. Instead of a progressive pot of winning money, the CryptoSlots jackpot is set at the impressively high amount of $1,000,000. To clinch this win, players play the Jackpot Trigger – a unique slot game with high payouts, the highest being a million dollars.

The aim of the game is to align symbols by both number and color across 10 paylines. The Jackpot Trigger gives players more control over their reels with the exclusive Hold Feature. This allows you to freeze symbols for a second spin and increase chances of a win.

The Provably Fair Jackpot

Like all other slots at this crypto casino, the Jackpot Trigger is a Provably Fair game. This blockchain-inspired concept offers players the rare opportunity to check their game results for fairness. CryptoSlots is one of the rare casinos online which offers solely Provably Fair games. This makes its $1M Jackpot even more accessible to the crypto player.

This cryptocurrency jackpot is more transparent than traditional jackpots. The player has more control in this numbers game, the million dollar win is not just down to luck.

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