The cryptocurrency space continues to grow like there’s no tomorrow. As a result, we’re witnessing an influx of traders jumping in without thought or reason to their actions, and many companies – including Wise Bitcoin – are seeking to ensure these individuals have the knowledge and education they need to make smart investing decisions and carve out strong financial paths for themselves.

Wise Bitcoin Is Seeking to Ensure Traders Have the Tools They Need

Wise Bitcoin is a new cryptocurrency exchange that’s now being tailored directly to newbies in the cryptocurrency arena. Some of the advantages they offer include 24-hour customer support granted any issues or questions come up. The company also provides deeper liquidity than most other exchanges, as well as a $6 billion trading volume.

In a recent interview, JW Cho – the senior advisor to Wise Bitcoin – explains that the firm is looking to remain innovative and bring about the tools and products that many new traders will likely need to ensure they make smart choices. He says:

Wise Bitcoin is an innovative, international, decentralized cryptocurrency exchange. With cloud services, we anchor over 280 other global cryptocurrency exchanges, connecting more than 15 million users. Thanks to this, Wise Bitcoin can provide deep liquidity while maintaining a stable and secure trading environment in the volatile crypto markets.

He says that one of the biggest issues behind cryptocurrency trading is that it’s become rather slow in recent years thanks to the influx of transactions. With so many people getting involved in digital trades as of late, networks are bound to get bogged down, and in the case of bitcoin transactions, it can sometimes take as many as a few days to ensure money winds up in the right hands.

Wise Bitcoin is utilizing new forms of blockchain technology to ensure trading is always fast and efficient. Cho explains:

There are three main features in the technology behind Wise Bitcoin. The first one is its asset custody and clearing technology. The second is high performances, and third is diversified liquidity. Exchange partners can share liquidity, access the depth of many well-known exchanges, quickly combine orders and ensure that partners have sufficient depth.

Closing out the interview, Cho explains that nothing could have prepared industry experts for the massive gains the crypto space has incurred in recent months, and while the coronavirus pandemic has certainly affected it in many ways, the arena still lies in an extremely positive state, and he’s confident the space is still in its early phases.

What Will the Future Hold?

He mentions:

In 2021, we can expect for the market and exchanges to grow and draw in a new set of players and users. In 2020, we’ve already seen people getting curious about bitcoin and cryptocurrency. During the pandemic, people had more time to access the news and media sites where incidentally the coverage around crypto and bitcoin have seen an increase.

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