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Wise Token is Taking Off on Binance Smart Chain (BSC)


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WiseSoft will start a sale of a new Binance Smart Chain (BSC) version of its original token contract as part of its “WISB Liquidity Transformer Event.” The event will last for 15 days with a cap of 200,000 BNB (Binance Tokens). The team is also offering over $500,000 in instant cash prizes (paid out in BNB) to qualifying early investors.

On PancakeSwap, WiseSoft plans to launch an initial $200 million liquidity pool of BNB-backed Wise Tokens (WISB). Since the token contract automatically locks all liquidity, part of the teams’ initiative to promote true decentralization, the WiseSoft team does not keep any portion of the allocation for themselves or VIPs. Wise Token (WISB) on BSC would provide a superior user experience, with negligible network costs and quicker transaction times, making it a better option for the average investor.

Wise Token currently has three central use cases:

1) Wise Token, as a stand-alone token, is a store of value – backed by an unremovable and ownerless pool of liquidity. Holders can earn interest on ecosystem profits by providing liquidity to partner DEXs or the Wise Token reserve pools (coming soon).

2) Wise Tokens can also be locked in a staking contract to earn interest over any desired duration, similar to a traditional bond. This can be done with insurance as well, which lowers the penalty of ending a staking contract early to just 10% of the initial.

3) Wise will soon act as a utility token for a completely decentralized ecosystem for lending and borrowing any crypto exchanged on a decentralized marketplace. Except, comparable to lending giants Aave and Compound, there will be no need for centralized price oracles or human interference. The team will allow users to borrow or lend any token on PancakeSwap. This contract includes leveraged lending, which is a feature that no other cryptocurrency project provides. Imagine using 10 BNB to lend 30 BNB, and earning interest on the whole position. “This is one of many major developments coming to the Wise ecosystem in 2021,” promises Peter Girr, CEO.

Presale Details

The WISB Liquidity Transformer Event takes place at https://wisetoken.net/bsc on April 27th, 2021 at 00:00 UTC. After the 15 days period, the contract will initiate a complete integration with BSC and PancakeSwap. If 200,000 BNB are raised before that, the contract will terminate the event early. During the 15-day presale, the WiseSoft team will be offering additional perks to early investors with a total of $544,000 in upfront incentive payments.

About WiseSoft, LLC

The Wise Token establishes new ethical standards for DeFi. The team claims to release and distribute the token in a fair and inclusive way. In December 2020, the team raised $40 million in ETH, indicating broad participation in this new integration.

With the support and advice of the WISE network, the WiseSoft team is “committed to make the future of finance absolutely trustless.” For any questions, please refer to Telegram channel: https://t.me/WiseToken.


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