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Woonkly.com Metasocial Network: Global Launch at F1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix


The much-awaited social network platform Woonkly.com will go live at F1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, slated for December 12. Woonkly.com has won a spot among the elite list of sponsors for the global racing championship event. More than 100 business leaders, government officials, investors, sports icons, influencers, and celebrities from around the world will mark their presence at the launch, drawing traction to the emerging project that has some paradigm-shifting features in store for the metaverse.

Woonkly.com sponsors an F1 VIP paddock, featuring the app and its unique value propositions. The audience will have an opportunity to get their hands on the app and create their metaverse profiles at the event.

Exclusive Privileges Await Woonkly.com Raffle Winners

In connection with the launch, Woonkly.com conducted a raffle competition, from which four winners were selected. The winners will get a chance to be in Abu Dhabi for the celebration. The package grants winners special VIP tickets to the race, inclusive of flight and hotel charges. And, they will have access to the Paddock club where they can meet the participating teams and see F1 cars up close.

Woonkly.com Brings Social Media to the Metaverse

Woonkly.com is a decentralized social network that introduces a unique concept and mission for the metaverse. Here, all posts are converted into NFTs directly, where users have full control over their data. How? Woonkly.com employs IPFS (interplanetary file system) to create a decentralized global directory of creators, by uploading content to the user’s computer, rather than a server.

On Woonkly.com, brands and creators can upload all types of media files, convert them into NFTs in a few clicks, and publish them to relevant audiences making use of various features and filters provided by the platform. The best part is, even after an NFT is sold, creators can generate income from them through royalties. The platform aims to decentralize social media by restoring power to the user while allowing them to monetize a new way through NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and gamification. Woonkly.com is the brainchild of Daniel Santos, who serves as the CEO of the platform. To learn more about Woonkly.com, visit their website.




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