The creator of Dogecoin, Jackson Palmer, has written a script to block the XRP Army on Twitter.

There is often nothing as endearing as a dedicated fan. A fan is willing to spread their love and knowledge of their chosen passion near and far. However, there are those who become overzealous and irritate others with their constant proclamations of devotion. This is especially magnified on social media. One fanbase that has caused some ire is the XRP Army, a legion of fans devoted to Ripple’s bank-friendly cryptocurrency.

Busting out the Block Bot on the XRP Army

One person who has had their fill of the XRP Army is Jackson Palmer, the creator of Dogecoin. He has gotten so frustrated with them on Twitter that he’s written and shared an open-source script to block them.


Palmer calls this script XRP Away and is a continuation of the script he developed to combat all the Ethereum bots that came out during the height of the Elon Musk scam.

The script is written so that the user can still read posts that pertain to XRP, but it will block accounts that have XRP in their profile. As Palmer notes:

Make sure you don’t reply to or mention me if you have “XRP” in your profile name, handle or bio. Because this will block you. Signal to noise ratio has already improved greatly.

On the Github page with the script, Palmer laments that he should have called it “XRPelliarmus” after the Harry Potter spell.

A Tale of Two Coins

To be frank, XRP and Dogecoin (DOGE) are two wildly different altcoins. DOGE was created as a joke but has spawned an active community. The coin once had a market cap of nearly $2 billion in early 2018 as the coin was worth $0.017. DOGE is now worth $0.002 and has a market cap of $256 million.


By comparison, XRP is now the second-ranked cryptocurrency, beating out Ethereum a few weeks ago. The cryptocurrency currently has a value of $0.34 and has a market cap of $14 billion.

Ripple’s fans do have something to crow about. The San Francisco-based company has been expanding its reach throughout 2018, adding more and more banks to its network. The firm is carving itself a place in the financial sector by delivering on near-instantaneous transfers for little cost. The Ripple network recently transferred $50 million in 2 seconds for just 30 cents.

Are you a part of the XRP Army? Let us know in the comments below.

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