A third-party developer plans to bring XRP tipping to the Amazon Alexa app store. If approved by Amazon, the XRP tip bot will be available on Alexa.

XRP Tip Bot on the Amazon Alexa App Store

According to Sludgefeed, the XRP Tip Bot might soon be available in the Alexa app store. The app allows users to tip (send small amounts) XRP tokens to others on platforms like Reddit, Discord, and Twitter.

The project will feature the use of voice commands to carry out the app’s core functions such as checking token balances and sending/receiving tokens. An independent programmer, dubbed “Nixer,” is the person responsible for the app which uses the API of the original XRP Tip Bot created by “Wietse Wind.”

The app is currently in its pre-beta testing phase. Once the testing is complete, the app will be submitted to Amazon for approval to be listed on the Alexa app store. Recently, Nixer posted a video on Twitter showing how the app worked with a brief demonstration where he used a voice command to send tokens to another user.

Wietse Wind is a supporter of the initiative to bring XRP tipping to Alexa. In a recent tweet, he suggested that work was ongoing to introduce newer features that will allow other developers to integrate seamlessly with the Tip Bot.

Users have sent more than 74,000 tips using the Tip Bot to the tune of over 93,000 XRP (about $50,000). The XRP Tip Bot is available on both the Android and iOS smartphone platforms.

Establishing Greater Utility for XRP

For XRP, the news is yet another avenue for utility on the internet. Tip Bots have arguably become a noticeable part of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. They allow users to send small donations to other people for just about any reason.

One crucial aspect of cryptocurrency Tip Bots is the need for small fees. With the donations being small amounts (“tips”), high fees would be counterproductive to the entire process. XRP arguably has some of the most negligible fees in the cryptocurrency market. Recently, Michael Arrington moved $50 million worth of XRP in only two seconds for a fee of $0.30.


Recently, XRP enjoyed a significant price rally, surging almost 20 percent within a seven-day period. However, the cryptocurrency market began a price pullback on Thursday (November 8, 2018) with the third-ranked cryptocurrency down by more than four percent in the last 24 hours as of press time.

What impact would XRP tipping on Alexa have on its general utility and, by extension, its market price? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Images courtesy of Twitter/@nixerFFM, Shutterstock, and Coinmarketcap.

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