It has been a while since we last discussed the Ripple ecosystem. Things are still moving along nicely, despite the XRP price declining a bit. It now appears this ecosystem has become so popular people are designing phishing sites for it. Beware of the XRPGTrading website, as they are impersonating a lot of well-known cryptocurrency industry members

Although people are always glad to see new Ripple-related site, XRPGTrading is one of the few exceptions. In fact, it seems this platform is designed to literally steal your money. Even though they claim to provide exchange services and margin trading, that is not necessarily the case. The platform also doesn’t focus on just XRP these days, but also seemingly providers Bitcoin and Ethereum services. Rest assured none of it is real, which becomes obvious when you do some browsing around.

Avoid XRPGTrading At All Costs

More specifically, the team members allegedly operating this platform are fake. It is evident XRPGTrading took the information from a completely different website and simply copy-pasted it. It is unclear why anyone would do such a thing, though. It is possible they want to give those particular people a very bad name. Then again, it could also be a half-assed job to create a website. None of the people listed on this website are involved in XRPGTrading, that much is evident.

Moreover, it is evident the feedback provided on this site is fake as well. XRPGTrading claims 99% of their customers recommend them. That list includes Steve Bloggs, the founder of Apple. It is hardly possible Steve Jobs even got to know this platform since he passed away multiple years ago. Especially when considering how the domain was registered less than three months ago. Steer away from this platform for as long as possible, to say the least.

Unfortunately, the cryptocurrency world is home to many different scams. We have seen phishing sites, malicious software, and now fake trading platforms. It remains unclear what the objective of the XRPGTrading platform truly is. Their current layout also appears to be a placeholder, as is the team member information. Rest assured this platform will continue to cause a lot of issues in the world of cryptocurrency. XRPGTrading shows how trivial it can be to successfully scam people if they aren’t aware of the dangers.

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