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YAX Announces Token Sale for Platform Set to Revolutionize the Online Advertising Industry


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YAX, a blockchain-based advertising exchange platform, has announced that it will be launching its initial coin offering (ICO) before the end of March, taking place on the LEEKICO platform. The YAX platform seeks to replace the traditional Internet advertising model of commerce with a fair and transparent system that rewards each stakeholder in the digital advertising ecosystem, from advertisers and consumers to publishers and creators.

YAX allows users to earn tokens from its network through content creation and consumption. Tokens are “mined” whenever media is accessed, and then split among visitors, content creators, and publishers. There are two ways to accumulate tokens from YAX; either by visiting web pages or apps specified by the YAX platform, or by visiting media pages or apps that have registered with YAX and have their own contribution code. YAX then offers online publishers the option to use advertising management platforms that share traffic, such as mobile apps, websites, OTT apps, and IoT devices.


“While advertising is currently the main driver of Internet commercialization, not all users enjoy this model or user experience,” says Roger Lau, CEO of YAX. “Right now, the online advertising model rewards only content creation in one direction, which results in inefficiencies. The YAX platform allows online content creation to reward everyone involved—the creator, the consumer and the publisher.”

Currently focused on crypto-VC investments, YAX will, over multiple phases of development, transform into a content trading platform between media creators and consumers, as well as a platform to commercially exchange API registrations and services. Since 2017, the platform has hit several milestones, opening up to select users in stages. YAX will eventually release all of its new features to the general public, with a roadmap leading into late 2019.

World-class management team

The YAX co-founders consist of senior executives who have decades of global senior-level management experience in media, advertising, and Internet security. The world-class team is led by CEO Roger Lau, a veteran traditional and digital marketing and advertising experts with over 7 years’ experience in 4A agencies. CBO Addin Lim, formerly COO of Neo@ Ogilvy China has 17 years of operations and financial management in the advertising and media business. CTO William Wang has 20 years of experience in Internet and network & information security.

CMO Michelle Jiang brings 15 years of MNC marketing experience for CA, IBM, Aspec and JHC. Other key members include Senior Consultant Wallace Tang, who also serves Chief Financial Officer of Blue Lake Capital with 15 years of audit financial and operational experience; Chief Administrative Officer Sidney Song, founder of China Web Analysis and General Manager of Data Solutions at Publicis Groupe VivaKi; and Advisor Michael Cheung, who brings 20 years of Internet R&D experience.

Rewarding everyone for content

While content is king on the Internet, not enough has been done to commercialize and incentivize its creation. That’s why YAX ecosystem has developed a reward system that employs encrypted tokens (YAXC) to compensate all stakeholders for any piece on content—the creator, publisher, advertiser, and consumer.


YAXC tokens are implemented on the public Ethereum blockchain standard, ERC20, a form of token design used on the Ethereum platform. ERC20 employs programs known as smart contracts, which credibly and digitally facilitate, verify and enforce agreements without a third party, allowing the creation of tokens. The ERC20 guidelines for smart contract interface allow for token compatibility with the existing Ethereum network infrastructure, such as wallets, dev tools and exchanges.

Via YAX’s own wallet app, tokens can be traded for premium services and goods or other digital or fiat currencies. To promote liquidity, YAX will ensure that tokens can only be mined post token sale or bought on premium exchanges. Eventually, advertisers will also be able to use tokens to directly purchase and services.

YAX uses powerful algorithmic features to enable accurate delivery of ads to users, such as context-awareness recommendations, embedded models and stacking denoising automatic decoders. These features allow YAX to match commercial promotion of advertisers with features of media content through user gender, age, occupation, and interests.

About YAX

YAX is a blockchain-based exchange platform that aims to replace the traditional model online advertising. Our goal is to create a new commercial approach that connects users, media and content through a blockchain ecosystem, fundamentally reshaping digital creation and media formats.

Learn more about YAX here:

Website: http://yax.cloud
Twitter: https://twitter.com/yaxchange
Wechat: yax_chain
Github: https://github.com/
Telegram: https://t.me/YAXCofficial
Download the YAX wallet on Google Play
Wechat: yax_chain




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