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You May Soon Get Marijuana on Drones from the Trees


Have you ever imagined yourself getting weed from Trees? Confused…? Residents of California may soon expect their weed (slang for marijuana) delivered using drones by a service called Trees. Even better, they can pay for it in bitcoin.

It can get even better if Trees get the regulatory approval for operating drones. The start-up Trees allows users to order marijuana online and pay for it with bitcoin. If everything goes according to the plans, then they can expect their order to be delivered by drones. The start-up plans to offer their service seven days a week, 365 day a year during working hours. However, in order to avail the service, buyers should possess a medical license.

Trees has three different variants of marijuana on sale, The bud box with exotic strains, the extract box with hash and beginner box with normal marijuana. These boxes also contain the necessary paraphernalia including rolling paper, lighter, grinders, filter tips etc.

The expected launch date for Trees service is not decided yet, as their offerings depend upon approval of required licenses. Apart from Trees, there are other companies which are exploring the use of drones as mode of delivery too. It includes Amazon Prime Air, which has not received the FAA approval yet.

While using bitcoin to buy narcotics, psychotropic substances and drugs is not a new thing. After all, bitcoin became well-known because of these things. Silk Road was the first online marketplace on the dark web which required users to buy stuff using bitcoin. Most people used to buy drugs on Silk Road, until it was shut down and the creator was sent to jail.

With drug laws regarding marijuana being relaxed in most of the US States, startups like Trees are emerging across the United States. There are few business accelerators which exclusively support marijuana based startups.

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