Zaaica, a secured, decentralized and smart payment solution is designed to run on its own blockchain. The platform, powered by Zaaica Coin aims to achieve mass adoption by onboarding over 2.2 billion smartphone users. Most of the potential investors in the platform are interested in Zaaica’s capability to enable quick microtransactions and immediate currency transfers.

The differentiating feature of Zaaica Coin is that it relies upon its own purpose-built blockchain, making it the only cryptocurrency of its kind up until now.

What is Zaaica Coin?

Zaaica is a cryptocurrency or altcoin, developed on its own blockchain. As the cryptocurrency market is no more dominated by Bitcoin, and witnessing the emergence of new technology and concepts, Zaaica comes as another great innovation in the industry. It could potentially offer investors quick returns typical of a token sale of a viable product, and the chance to become an early user of this disruptive technology. Zaaica enjoys prominence of being the first digital coin offering a pioneering easy-to-use solution for mobile users.

What Makes Zaaica Coin Better than Other Cryptocurrencies?

With a maximum cap of 42 million, Zaaica intends to encourage transactions in denominations having no more than two decimal places, which easily gives the “real money” feel. The purpose built blockchain is optimized to enable economical microtransactions and currency transfers. Zaaica Coins (ZIC) will be traded on all major exchanges, alongside Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ether. ZIC unites all existing Zaaica platforms via The Zaaica Wallet, its own wallet service that forms an ecosystem for the social trading of virtual goods, stocks and cryptocurrencies.

How Does the Platform Works?

Zaaica is an open-API universe that handles a number of providers in the most regulated and sensitive markets of the world. With an increasing number of connected brokers, providers and publishers, the ecosystem is set to witness rapid growth.

The platform will add P2P component to the list of services it provides in order to expand into one of the fastest growing and biggest markets globally with Switex. Zaaica not only offers a tradable cryptocurrency but also makes integration of the digital currency with existing as well as new crypto-only and conventional payment solutions. The platform, by providing a complete functional infrastructure around blockchain lets potential investors trade financial instruments and virtual goods in a secure way.

The Exclusive Features of Zaaica

Zaaica lets users create distinct, private blockchains that can be personalized to meet the needs of businesses or other projects. The Zaaica Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) enables developers to test and deploy bespoke blockchain apps in the cloud. They can customize the blockchain implementation as per their needs and access it via APIs.

Zaaica specializes in hosting and consultation for the decentralized apps (Dapps) on Ethereum blockchain, a completely new approach to smart contracts. In addition, Zaaica also enables one-click provisioning of other blockchain platforms, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, LISK and BitShares. The platform is based on a 3-tier architecture; the client tier, the application tier and server tier.

Investing in Zaaica

Zaaica bears great attraction for long-term investors looking to buy and keep Zaaica for its higher future value, as well as for digital coin speculators looking for trading Zaaica coins to earn short-term gains.

Zaaica Token sale ended on January 14, 2018. To know more about the platform and purchase or trade Zaaica Coins, please visit


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