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ZAPIT, the Revolution in Reviews Gets a Warm Welcome From Investors


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Because Legitimate Reviews Needs EVERYONE

Are you ready to make a difference in 2018? Fake news, fake views and fake connections are out. What’s in? Trust, the blockchain, and shifting power — from the trolls back to us. Now is the time for action, and that’s why we are so happy with the momentum behind ZAPIT’s Project.

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Zapit platform helps create legitimate informational reviews for consumers and sellers while making it harder for abusive & spam voices to dominate the conversation.

What’s totally cool about ZAPIT is that it’s attracting big-time traction in newsrooms from Bitcointalk to Telegram. Thousands of Online Consumers & Sellers in five countries have already committed to ZAPIT’s platform, including the consumers from the USA, Canada, UK, Germany & India, with many others connecting soon. Let’s make 2018 the year we stand up for legitimate product reviews and positive online interactions. It’s time if you have ever shopped online – join this revolution now… Get your ZAPIT tokens at https://zapit.online

Zapit is All Set to Revolutionize the Shopping Experience of Online Marketplaces


Everyone wants real/legitimate product reviews to help make the best purchases online. Zapit is a product review authenticator, powered by Blockchain technology.  Zapit analyzes product reviews and confirms their legitimacy, providing a new level of confidence in the shopping platform for both buyers and sellers. The Zapit’s Browser plugin helps you make the best purchases on Amazon by automatically displaying blockchain verified product reviews. Consumers will also be able to write the product review for their purchase from within the plugin while earning Zapit Tokens.

As per Forbes, Amazon’s fake review problem is only getting worse. Fake reviews hurt everyone… consumers and quality sellers alike. Questionable sellers are buying fraudulent product reviews, potentially misleading consumers. Zapit is the new product review authenticator, powered by Blockchain, that confirms legitimate products reviews, written by real customers, to help you make the best-informed purchases.

Visit Now: https://zapit.online

Don’t miss your chance to make a difference…


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