Darknet marketplaces have always been of keen interest to cryptocurrency enthusiasts. To be more specific,  some marketplaces have started to accept different cryptocurrencies as of late. AlphaBay is by far the largest darknet market right now. In recent months, they enabled Monero and Ethereum payments. It now appears ZCash can be added to this list come July 1st.

It makes a lot of sense for darknet users to deal with anonymous payments. For the longest time, Bitcoin was a preferred cryptocurrency. However, Bitcoin lacks privacy and anonymity traits, despite what some people may think. The quest began for more anonymous currencies, and AlphaBay has made some interesting choices in this regard. Enabling Monero makes sense, as it provides far more anonymity compared to Bitcoin.

AlphaBay Darknet Market Will Accept ZCash Soon

Ever since the platform integrated Ethereum payments, people have been wondering why this decision was made. Ethereum is not anonymous by any means, and it can be a bit of a complicated solution for most people. Then again, it appears there will be an Ethereum mixing service launching soon. By using such a mixer, users can effectively anonymize their Ether payments. For now, there is no real reason to use ETH as a payment tool on AlphaBay, though.

It appears the AlphaBay administrators have been looking for alternative solutions. A new message has been sent to users informing them ZCash payments will be enabled very soon. More specifically, this integration will be completed by July 1st. ZCash is a privacy-centric payment solution which a lot of darknet users will appreciate. It is an intriguing decision, though, to say the least. After all, this is the first major use case for this currency, albeit being affiliated with darknet markets may not be the most appealing aspect.

Moreover, the ZCash price has been rising steadily the past few weeks. There is a huge scarcity associated with ZCash as well, though. It will be quite difficult to obtain this currency for darknet purposes, which will effectively drive up the price even further. It will be interesting to see how this will play out for ZCash in the coming months. Moreover, the question is whether or not AlphaBay users will use this payment solution in the first place.

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